Dogwood Ramblings

Quite a change in our weather! Yes?  Surely do hope you have harvested your garden, drained your water hoses, have those windows washed (mine are not washed!), have closed your vents, and found someone to rake your leaves and clean out your eaves.  I barely remembered to bring some potted plants inside.  Hopefully you will remember to turn your clocks back one hour on Nov. 3rd.  Let us hope the fall calves don’t get their ears frozen, or their tails!

The phone calls have increased from various political groups, all of them wanting money “right now” from my credit card.  I don’t participate and keep my cc number to myself.  When I do use my cc in businesses, I make sure it stays in my sight.  One never knows when some unscrupulous person will use their camera to take pictures of both sides of your card and then charge things to you.  When I worked at the prison in California I encountered many unscrupulous people.  Nowadays, those type people have modern cameras and other electronic devices and have no problem ripping people off.  Am I Paranoid?  Perhaps!  But, one might call it being cautious.

If you have credit card(s) it is a good idea to photocopy them as well as having the names and addresses of the three major credit card clearing businesses, putting this information in a safe place.  Then, if something untoward happens, you can immediately put a stop to your credit card number being used.  I don’t want the hassle of clearing up messes created by others.  One time a small package arrived here of a male product I obviously had not ordered.  Next day my credit card bill arrived where this company had charged me just over $80.00.  I sent the package back, notifying my mail carrier.  Later I had to have a statement from my mail carrier that the unwanted package had been returned.  It took several weeks but the charge was deleted from my account.  The quandary was how my credit card number got into the hands of this unscrupulous business.

For my birthday my grandson took me to Branson.  The show we hoped to see was sold out but we did go to the Apple Tree and browsed the numerous booths….and we had supper at the Outback – everything enjoyable.  Then, Kim Fincher took me to Branson the next day for lunch and a show.  The meal and show were provided at the White House Theatre by Emerson Electric for employees and a friend.  Food was very good and the show “The Legend of Kungfu” was great, all Chinese actors.  The acrobatics were astounding, costumes and staging fantastic, several children who looked to be about age 10 did flips and flops that were amazing.  Like a Broadway musical this showed the beginning of the practice of Kungfu, a defensive art, to be used for peaceful purposes.  I highly recommend this to you and thank Emerson Electric for providing such a wonderful day.

Mike & Cathy Schultz are busy most every day on the upgrading of Eva Wymer’s former place.  They don’t seem to have the leaf problem that my place has.  Last year the winds removed most of the leaves but then my sons came and did a wonderful surprise clean-up here of branches, leaves, etc. one day while I was working in town.  One can only hope this fall will see a repeat of that.  Of course, deer season does keep them occupied.  I am not allowed to burn leaves or trash after the fiasco in 2001 when my house and van burned to the ground.  Much teasing about that incident from my family!

This is my last opportunity to urge you to vote on Nov. 6th.  It is your given right to vote and it is sad that so many people don’t take this opportunity – then complain about election results.  Of course, I do vote and many a time I have complained about the results.  When it comes to voting on Proposition B, just remember several years ago when we were encouraged to vote to allow casinos in Missouri and that if they were allowed it would “take care” of our educational needs.  Don’t fall for this, which will put more money into the hands of those who pad their own pockets under the guise of helping us.  We have had too much government help and it is dragging us down into a quagmire.

May God help us all!  So simple, just bend your knees and bow your head with reverence and ask Him to help us, to help our nation.