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Caney Church

November 14 – Caney Church came together Wednesday evening to praise the Lord. Service opened with singing. Bro. Hi Lambeth took charge of the service by taking prayer requests. Sis. Doris Lambeth led in prayer. Bro. Hi read several scriptures from II Kings 2:1-11 and Mark 1:16-19 and 2:14. He talked about being ready to meet God. The men we read about made no excuses they simply followed the Lord. Put God first in your life and He will bless you. Everyone that wanted had other scriptures, thoughts and testimonies to share. We are always blessed in our little service. If your church doesn’t meet on Wednesday come be with us.

Sunday school opened with singing. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. Prayer requests and praise reports were given. Bro. Jeff Shipley led in prayers. Jack read Ezekiel 34:11-16 for our devotion. We had a good discussion in Sunday school. We sang Happy Birthday to several in our church – Pastor Bill Austin, Jenna Mills, Gracie Shipley and Jonathon Miller. Testimonies were given by Jeff Shipley, Vanessa Mills, Lila Roberts, Jim Lafferty, Lorrinda Coulter and Tracy Shipley.

The praise and worship hour began with singing. Melissa Harmon and Mattie Shipley did specials. Pastor Bill brought the morning message from Luke 17:11-16. Only one turned back and thanked Jesus and he was a Samaritan. Are we giving thanks? Jesus never forgets us. We should never forget to thank Him. This Thanksgiving lets be sure to thank the Lord for all our blessings.

Sunday evening service began with congregational singing. Bro. Jeff Shipley welcomed everyone. We have many concerns. Pray for our country, military, lost, sick, bereaved and Israel. Sis. Melba Austin led in prayer. Jeff Shipley and Melba Austin gave testimonies. Bro. Jack Essary was our speaker Sunday evening. He brought his message from I Thess. 5:14-24. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.. Remember to praise and thank the Lord for your blessings. Stay away from evil. Christ died for you and with His help you can do these things. Ask Christ into your heart and believe He died for you. Confess what He has done for you. What kind of witness/ example will you leave behind. It was a thoughtful message and a wonderful day in the Lord.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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