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The weather is turning cool and the wasps and ladybugs are looking for ways to get inside.  The windows on my house are only 3 years old, but the wasps have finally figured out a way to get in.  I thought with new windows I wouldn’t have to fight the wasps anymore this time of year, but I was wrong.  We’re still trying to figure out how they’re getting in.  It’s a mystery.  We had to kill a few in the church house too on Sunday morning.

Our family is expecting a special guest this week.  My Mom’s sister, Anna is due to arrive Thursday from Massachusetts.  Mom and Anna haven’t seen each other for about 22 years I think.  she’ll be here for a week.  This will be an extra special Thanksgiving for us.

We had a nice size crowd at church Sunday morning which is so wonderful to see.  But there’s always room for more.  In Sunday School we are still in Romans.  Chapter 11 speaks of how the Gentiles were grafted into God‘s people like a wild olive branch being grafted into an olive tree.  And that the Gentiles shouldn’t be boastful because the grafted branches could be pruned out of the tree just as easily as the natural branches.

The Bible Trivia Question I asked last time was “Who called his wife a heifer and lost her to his companion?”  We all had a great laugh about this one.  The answer is Samson and that is found in Judges chapter 14.  My next question is “What man out ran a chariot?”  I’ll give the answer next time.

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