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11-18-12. Today is the Lord’s day. How Great Thou Art O God. Another beautiful morning of sunshine. I pray safety to all our deer hunters and wish them luck. No doubt we need some thinned out. I had always heard of people hitting a deer with their vehicle, but in my case, the deer ran out of the woods and hit me.

We had few in number this morning at church, but still we had a good time in the Lord. If you weren’t able to be with us, just know you were missed and I pray we will see you next Sunday. There are so many distractions Satan places to keep people from worshipping on the Sabbath. I pray for us that this will not be for Satan has only one thing to do – weaken and destroy you is his goal. Hell is his eternal destination and he wants to take as many with him as he can, don’t you fall victim to his prey.

Our Sunday school lesson came from Romans 12 and 13 in receiving instructions on how to lead a Christian life. It never hurts to review these scripture. Just one day in the cares of our wordly life can be so burdensome and tempting to stray. But God can and will help us if we seek Him. Thank you God for your mercy and patience.

Everyone have a blessed week.

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