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Bethany Baptist Church

There is something going on almost every day at Bethany Baptist Church. Monday evening the Young Women N Christ meet for their Bible study. There is a Wednesday evening prayer meeting, a Thursday morning Ladies Bible Study, music practices, and special work days. The month of December promises to be especially busy with people working on a Christmas Float, participation in the Christmas Parade on the 8th, a missionary guest on the 9th, a “Name that Tune” evening on the 19th, a Christmas Party in the home of Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen on the 21st,  the Christmas Program on the evening of the 23rd, and a 5th Sunday fellowship dinner followed by singing and testimonies on the 30th. Guests are welcome to any of these regular and special events.

Some of the Bethany Baptist Church folks traveled out of state for Thanksgiving and some entertained their families here. Either way, almost everyone reported plenty of good food. The weather was great for those who traveled.

Dan Stillings read a letter from Dana Dice, missionary in New York City. They had over one hundred children in their summer vacation Bible School. Several professions of faith had been made, so they had a baptismal service recently that was well attended. They had come through the storm, safely.

Norma Stillings sang a special song, “Oh, Think of That Home Over There,” in the morning service. Dan Stillings, Norma Stillings, Darlene Sorensen and Sally Sorensen sang a special arrangement of the song, “The Touch of the Master’s Hand,” in the evening service. Pastor Bob’s message, Sunday morning, was from Psalm 116, “Precious Are the Memories.”

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect upon the good things that God has done for us. We should thank God for the happy memories with loved ones, places we have been, and of good times that we have had. The psalmist said, “I love the LORD,” because the Lord had heard his prayers and had answered him many times with healing, deliverance, wisdom, preservation, and guidance. It is an amazing thing that the Lord God of heaven and earth should humble himself to listen to the cries of any man, but the Bible says that his eyes are upon the righteous and his ears are open to their cries. There is nothing too big for God, nor too small for his attention. He will heal and deliver a repentant sinner on the way to hell and will lead him safely home. We should respond to the Lord in gratitude, by taking the cup of salvation that has been paid for by his own blood. We should pay our vows whether they were made in a panic or viewed simply as a reasonable service. And we should offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving for all good things, great or small.  “Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”

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