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Bethany Baptist Church

Chet and Jennifer Wampler and their children Isaac and Katie were guests at Bethany Baptist Church, Sunday. Chet presented the Faith Scripture Ministry whose goal is to make Bibles available to the people of the nations where Bibles are not now readily available or affordable. The Lord Jesus commissioned the church to take the gospel to all nations and peoples. It would take millions of missionaries to personally reach all the people of the world. That is probably not humanly possible but they can be reached with the printed page.

According to the Wamplers, the printed page is a visitor which can get inside the home and remain there even after the missionary is dead. The printed page always catches a man in the right mood, for it speaks to him only when he is reading it. It can reach those whose religions forbid them to go to church. It can reach the student who, proud of his intellectualism, refuses to listen to the Gospel or relate himself to it for fear of his fellow students or professors. The message of salvation can be read and understood away from searching eyes, away from the probing investigation of the state, away from the demand of superstitious religion, and away from the critical intrusions of friends and family. The printed page is powerful and people everywhere are becoming more literate.

Purchasing or printing Bibles and Scripture portions in the languages of the many nations; and getting them transported to those nations does require considerable money. There are several Christian non-profit ministries that print Bibles and do not charge the missionary for the cost of printing, but publishers do have to have money to purchase paper and operate the printing presses. The Faith Scripture Ministry under the leadership of James and Madeline Carroll is dedicated to raising funds to purchase and distribute these Bibles and scripture portions to missionaries. Chet who is the Director and Caretaker of a Bible Camp Ministry in the Joplin area, has stepped up to help the Carrolls in this Faith Scripture Ministry.

Jennifer sang in both the morning and afternoon service. Her songs were “I’ve Been Blessed,” and “God’s Been Good.”  Chet brought a message from Psalm 68:19. “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.”

In this modern age when we talk about benefits, we may be talking about the insurance, “sick days”, and vacations that workers receive at a factory. But when we talk about the benefits that God has given us we are talking about the breath we breathe, the water we drink, eyesight, hearing, arms and legs that move, and the ability to sleep. We may not always think how great those benefits are until we lose some of them. We should be thankful for water to drink, food to eat, a place to live, and clothes to warm us, for God created all things and gave us the ability to work for them. God gave us his only begotten Son so that we might have forgiveness of sin and eternal life. God has given us a Bible, the written word of God, and he gave us preachers and teachers to tell us about salvation. This salvation is not meant to be limited to a few select persons, but is available to all who will believe and accept the person and the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We should be thankful and bless God for all our benefits and especially for our salvation

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