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The people at Bethany Baptist Church love missionaries. One of our favorite missionaries is Tommy Tillman of Harbor Evangelism International, Inc. He had a burden for Thailand and began a ministry for the lepers there. He actually lived with lepers, sleeping on mats under bridges, and proving to them that he truly loved them. As time went on he built leper colonies where lepers can grow rice and have ponds for fish, with housing, and medical care. Tommy has been able by God’s grace to win many lepers to the Lord, he has helped lepers start their own churches, and also built an orphanage, an invalid home, and much more there.

Then, Tommy Tillman went to Mongolia where the “door was closed” to missionaries, but where he was able to build a hospital in the Gobi Desert. Since that time he has provided a deep well in that desert, built greenhouses for vegetables, started other medical facilities, began feeding stations for children who had been living on scrapes they found at the city dump. These ministries have expanded and many Mongolian people have been saved. Some of these new Mongolian Christians are now reaching out preaching and teaching the gospel, others are helping in translations of Bible portions and Christian literature.

The work that continues in both Thailand and Mongolia proves the love that God has for people in all nations who may live in areas that are considered closed to the gospel.

Last Sunday morning, Darlene Sorensen sang a special song. Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message that asked the question, “How much does the Lord mean to you?

When we consider that the scriptures say, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind,” then we realize that God should have first place in everything. What place do you give God in your life? How would you measure yourself? One measure of how much you love God is how much do you love his church? Christ gave himself for the church that is referred to as the Bride of Christ. Should not the bride desire to be in her “house” the house of the Lord. Another measure of our love for God is our love for the brethren, our regard for the Lord’s commission to reach out to all the world with the gospel, and our sharing of the Lord’s compassion for the man who has fallen short in his effort to justify himself by his “good” works. Our love for God can be measured by what his “Coming Again” means to us. Do we look forward to that with anticipation, complacency, or dread? Finally the questions, is our love for God obvious to those who live around us and is our love for God obvious to him?


The Young Women N Christ meet Monday after school for a snack, a Bible study, and other activities with our pastor’s wife, Darlene Sorensen. Darlene is a multi-talented person and loves the Lord.

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