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Bethany Baptist Church

The Jubilee Singers sang an old Stamps-Baxter favorite, “I’ll Be Listening,” that reminds us that the Lord may come any day and we should be ready.

The church sang, “Happy Birthday” to Bobbye Priddy. Bobbye Barner Priddy was born in Ozark County, attended grade school at “Turkey Trot” then Thornfield School, and graduated from Gainesville High School. After graduation she moved to Kansas City where she met and married Bob Priddy. After the death of her husband, Bobbye moved back to Ava to stay with her mother, Neva Barner, who is now 95 years old. Neva is able to stay in her own home because Bobbye is there to help. The folks at Bethany Baptist love and appreciate Bobbye.

The Young Women N Christ meet every Monday at 3:30. Darlene Sorensen picks them up after school in the church van. They do snacks, lessons and crafts.

The Ladies Bible Study will meet Thursday, morning November 1 at 8:30. They are studying in Colossians.

Pastor Bob Sorensen spoke on “The Signs of A Dead Church” from the account in Revelation 3:1 where Jesus declared that the church in Sardis was dead. A church is an assembly of individuals and its “life” or “death” depends upon the attitudes and convictions that prevail in the members. In contrast to a assembly of born again individuals whose love for God is revealed in their burden for lost souls, their hunger for the word of God, their hunger for Christian fellowship, their joy in the Lord, their spirit of prayer, their willingness to sacrifice, and where the Spirit of the Lord has liberty to work in their hearts, a dead church shows none of these characteristics. Church members must be watchful and strengthen themselves in those areas that may be weakening. Are you alive, or dead, or dying?

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