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I took my news in last Monday and then when I came home I made apple butter the rest of the day.

Mark and Gary Shelton came by last Tuesday morning then later on George came and got some eggs.

Nina Carter stopped by Wednesday and picked up her eggs.

Kay Hutchison stopped Wednesday and picked up her eggs.

Cathy Cornett, Tyler and Kayla came by and the kids got their treats and the two loaves of bread I made for them to take to school for their carnvial, later on Nancy Perryman, Annie Blakey and Alexia came and Alexia was dressed up like a pink little pig and she was cute.

Jett took his treat home with him when Tara came and got him because he was asleep and she wasn’t going to bring him back.

Tara brought Jett back Thursday and Justin picked him up that evening. Violet Blakey brought me some turnips and Mark and Sherry brought some eggs.

Friday I went to the beauty shop and got my hair cut for the wedding Saturday in Lebanon.

I went and stopped by Marie Dickey’s and took her a late birthday present.

Saturday morning I went up to Vernal and Ellen’s and then we went over and picked Deloris Vaughn up and then headed for Lebanon where we attended the western wedding for Stormi Gutierrez and Danny Raborn in the Frazier Barn belonging to Stormi’s boss. It was a beautiful wedding. The reception was held in the Sleeper Methodist Church.

I got to meet Stormi’s two sisters, Sharon and Susan, who came all the way from Alaska. While at the church Mollie and Dale came and brought me some blackberries that Katie had sent down to me.

I stayed all night with Vernal and Ellen and then after eating breakfast I went over to Donna Fleetwood’s and visited with her until it was time to go and meet Monica in Ozark, where she gave me some meat out of her deep freeze, then I came on home just in time to go to church Sunday night.

Lets keep the sick folks in our prayers. Some are doing okay, but others have a little ways to go.

My sympathy and prayers go out to all who have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our nation and our leaders, and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

I hope everyone got out and voted.

Saturday Marie Dickey, Carol Moore and Doris Morrison went to Norwood to their installation of new officers.

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