“Seeing many things, but thou observest not, opening the ears, but he heareth not,” Isaiah 42:20.

Thursday afternoon., Gary and I went to Ava and visited his mother, Maxine Turner.

Friday, Gary and I went with Vic and Jean Plante north of Seymour to the Amish auction. After that we came back home for awhile. I saw a few people from this area there.

Sympathy to Ruby Ferguson family. She died last month. Her friends knew her by the name Kati. Most of us didn’t know any other name.

Also sympathy to Edythe Applegate family. She went to heaven last month. She is the reason they have the women missionary at Oak Grove Church again.

Since True Hope Church was cancelled Sunday night because Doyle Turner was the speaker at Fowler Church near Caulfield with Pastor Ron Degonia. I went to Oak Grove Church. Charles McFarland was gone to Honduras. Gary Martin brought the message.

The farmers got more hay in this week.

You may not remember the sermon on Sunday or what meal you had yesterday, but we do need our spiritual nourishment just like the physical nourishment.

Have a great week.

Piland Camp Retreat is the weekend of the 26th.

My sister-in-law, Rose Clayton had a stroke last month.