We are blessed with beautiful fall weather at the time, giving folks time to do their fall jobs. Grass grows fast so lawn mowing is a necessity for sure. Several farmers have had another cutting of hay. Cattle have been fed hay most of the summer.

My sympathy to families who lost loved ones most recently, Plyliss Hollingsworth and we know she misses her husband so much. The family of Ira Lansdown, grandfather of Nicole Lane, of Clark Ridge, Arkansas passed away October 16th.

Sad news of Carmac Williamson’s death on October 17th reached us this past week. He will be missed by all who knew him at Willow Springs and surrounding areas.

Lilly Ridge is hosting the Ozark County Ministerial Alliance Fall Crusade Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings of this week.

I appreciate Neoma and Warren Moody for the big pears from their son, Dan’s trees. He set out several fruit trees the first year they moved here from Illinois. I had a few pears on my tree also, but not as large.

Also I appreciate Robert Arnett for vegetables from his garden. There’s something special about last gardens!

Best wishes to Erma Miller with health problems and her son, Mike Evans, having back problems also. I’m sure Erma’s dinners at Rainbow’s End were missed.

Whether folklore or not the persimmon seeds my son, Lyndon Pitcock, of Fair Grove cut open all had a kernel with the shape of a spoon, predicting a lot of snow.

Jeff Dotson has baptized several people in Lilly Ridge Church bapistry during October. He has a church in Gainesville where he preaches each Sunday morning.

Roger and Lanell Long made a long drive down in south Missouri and Arkansas last weekend and found some rocks for their collection. They stopped and visited Karen K. Davis, in Hardy, at her booth near the Water Wheel Flea Market.

The DOW Fall Achievement Day Meeting turned out really well with a lot of clubs attending. Everyone seemed to enjoy taking part in the silent auction and the potluck lunch as well. The “Spring Fling” will be in April and I believe Mountain Grove will be hosting it.

This Monday evening Gainesville 432 Order of the Eastern Star will be inititating a new candidate, our sheriff Darin Reed. We will all welcome him in our charitable organization. Dinner is served at 6:30 p.m.

Just a thought, “Playing second fiddle is a great deal better than being left out of the orchestra.”

“Hello” to cousins and those who live away who read our weekly news column.