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Fall is certainly in the air and many are beginning to prepare for winter, as there are loads of firewood seen going down the highway almost every day. Gas trucks have been filling up propane tanks also.

Hummingbirds are getting scarce around here, so the majority of the little “hummers” have headed south for the winter.

Happy October 7th Birthday to Shasta Blisard.

This week Lilly Ridge Church fall revival is going on beginning Sunday evening until Thursday night. Zach Williams, evangelist, is from Mountain Grove.

Marsha Hallam, from Tempe, AZ., is here visiting her mother, Maxine Smith.

Though the black walnuts seems to be smaller this year and squirrels have been busy getting their supply stored for the winter, the hullers are getting ready to buy them and on the news it was announced they are 10 cents a pound this fall. Many folks have depended on picking up walnuts for some extra income.

This is a good time of the year to plant flowering shrubs or move them to another location. Soon we will be having some frosty mornings, luckily we haven’t yet.

The persimmon crop isn’t as plentiful this year, perhaps because of the extreme heat and dry summer. So deer and other animals have less to eat.

Grand Chapter of Eastern Star will be the 9th, 10th and 11th of October. Paralee Rea is Gainesville Chapters District Deputy and will be going with Robert and Betty Arnett that week in Columbia, MO. Best wishes for a good week there with favorable weather.

Karen K. Davis and I shopped in Mountain Home last Wednesday and this Tuesday as I had doctor appointments also, those days. Karen and Dave had their doctor appointments on Wednesday.

This Thursday, October 4th, the Friendly Neighbors Club meets in the health center basement in town. The DOW meeting will be at Tecumseh Fire House Tuesday, October 16th and we will have our plant and auction sale among members.

Lilly Ridge hosts the church ladies brunch at 10:00 a.m. October 20th for all the local churches who come, and their friends.

Happy Birthday to Chet Taylor October 4th, Cindy Hensley on October 6th, Warren Moody celebrates his birthday October 10th, and Carmen Mitchell has an October birthday also. Happy Birthday to all.

Monday, October 8th we celebrate Columbus Day so there won’t be mail deliveries that day.

Just a thought, “One nice thing about growing older is that you and your children eventually wind up on the same side of the generation gap.”

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