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Sunday morning for Delmar and me started with Delmar feeling a bit under the weather.

We just stayed around home and enjoyed sitting on the front porch out front and watching the traffic as it passed by on their way to the Flaming Fall Revue. We waved and got a lot of waves in return. The day was perfect for the festivities. I also heard that the music on the mountain was just awesome. I think there must have been over 500 vehicles that drove down our road.

Delmar visited one day with his brother and sister-in-law, Norman and Maxine Rosseau.

I was pleasantly surprised by a visit from Preston and Lisa Breshears one day when they stopped by and had a sandwich with me for lunch.

I enjoyed a good time with Mahayla and Miley Hamby about all afternoon on Monday when their mamma needed to make a trip to town. When Stacie and Lucas Hamby came back to pick up the girls, Mahayla wanted to stay longer so I kept her for another hour or so then took her home. It is so fun to get to spend time with little ones. They help keep my mind younger.

Lisa Breshears and the twins, Bryan and Jennifer, came by on Monday evening to return an electric skillet they borrowed for the pancake breakfast Sunday morning. One day last week, Nora Edwards visited with us.

On Saturday, I rode to Springfield with Bevy Moore where we met Becky Carter and Tabitha Burton for lunch at Fazoli’s. Becky was celebrating her birthday. I won’t tell her age.

On Monday afternoon, Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams came to visit us.

On Friday evening, I hosted a party and we had a very good time. Those attending my party were, Wilma and Stacie Hamby, Donna Bannister, Summer, Caidence and Conner Johnson, Barbara and Miracle Breshears, Misty, Justin and Jessica Cook, Bevy Moore, Robyn Smith. We played games and ate stew and sweets.

Jerry and Suanne Sutherland enjoyed having their daughter Bernhard and granddaughters Cassidy and Caitlyn spend the weekend with them. Joining Bob and Nora Edwards for supper on Thursday night were Toby and Jacinda Sheppard, Shelden and Kendra Walker, Miranda Milligan and Alexis Swearengin. Nora Edwards visited during the week with Suanne Sutherland, Doyne Huffman, Raymond and Naida Haden and Delmar and Margaret Rosseau.

We are very sorry to hear of the passing of our friend Cindy “Dougherty” Fitzgerald and, also, Virginia Burnett.

Until next week, remember to be thankful each day for everything you have whether great or small because Little is Much if God is in it.

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