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Sunday morning service began with music by the band. Claude Robertson and Cindy Smith sang a beautiful special.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, “Praying for a New Season.”

Sunday evening we had several old-time hymns then Brother Roberts brought the message from Numbers 11. “Negativeness.”

We are sorry to hear of so many sick and hurting. We pray that Stacie Hamby, Glenda Sanders and Ralph Hedrick are home and get-well really soon.

Delmar and I joined several family members for a visit and supper on Saturday evening at Faye Keith’s home in Mansfield. The occasion was to visit with Delmar’s brother and sister-in-law. Also, Joyce Jenkins, Faye Keith and Ralph Hedrick’s sister, Marvin and Cora Lee Rosseau from Washington state. And also, from California, Dennis, Waldeena, Valeria and Dennis Jr. Rosseau, a grandson of Marvin and Cora Lee.

I enjoyed a night of playing Bunco with friends and family on Wednesday evening.

Donna Bannister came down on Monday and Delmar and I went with her for a drive to Seymour then back through O highway to Redbank where we got a really good sandwich and snacks. We enjoyed the beautiful Fall colors.

Delmar and I visited with Nora Hunsaker , Lee Williams, Keith and Donna Bannister one day last week.

Until next week remember, the only thing that really matters is that your name is written in the Book of Life.

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