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Dick Richards drove Georgia Sanders, Norma Cross and I thru the Glade Top Trail Thursday.  It was so beautiful.  We stopped several times to look across the hills and valleys.  The yellows were brighter than I remembered them to be.  We ended up in Taneyville, where we ate lunch in a little café.  Danny and Karen Sanders, from Claremore, OK, came up Friday to pick Georgia up, she had been staying with Norma Cross a week or so, in the Jenkin’s building at Goodhope.  Friday morning Georgia and I went to the Heart of the Ozarks to visit with Peggy Jenkins, Golda Miller and Irene Richards.  Norma’s company over the weekend was Kenny and Seth Hunt, Margie and Katie Jenkins, Dick and me.  Dick’s visitors this week, have been Tony Richards, Terry Nelson and Julian Cavalier.

Friday, Tom and Sue Brown and Dianne Garrison, drove to Gainesville to attend Tom’s uncle’s funeral, Ira Lansdown.  They saw and visited with cousins they hadn’t seen in years.  Ron and Judy Lethco, drove over from Mtn.Grove this past week and helped Sue move furniture in the bedroom.  Judy painted.  Sue was appreciative and could not have done it without her help.”

Gospel singers, “Faithful and Friends” will be at Ava Family Theater, November 1st.

Worship service began with a worship song.  Lisa Richards sang a special. Attendance was 63.  Pastor David used several scriptures on “Valley of Dry Bones.”  It was a spirit-filled message.  After services, there was a birthday and anniversary dinner.

“Not by works done in righteousness, which we did ourselves, but according to His mercy He saved us.”   Titus 3:5

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