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How could anyone go, where the weather could be any better. We even have a little water in our branches. It seems like Dick cuts grass every other day, the rain has truly been a blessing. I visited with Pat Williams at our mailboxes the other day. He said they had been on vacation. Kinsey Thompson’s surgery went better than the doctor expected. She may get to play basketball this fall.

We went to Sparta Thursday evening to watch Kyle Thompson play Mighty Mites football. There must have been five hundred people there. They came from all over the area to play. I think there were three games going at once and they started at 5:50. I don’t know what time they all finished. Each game lasted forty minutes.

Saturday was the annual Applegate Reunion held in the Ozark Park. Those are the descendants of Joseph Applegate from around Highlonesome. It was a beautiful day to have a picnic, so there was lots of cousins there, some from Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. We had some hamburgers, hot dogs grilled by Gary and a potluck to go with them.

Ron and Sheli Sanders from Tulsa and Georgia Sanders came up. They came down to Norma Cross’ place in Goodhope after going to see Peggy Jenkins at the nursing home. They spent the night with Norma after church Sunday. They, along with Kenny and Seth Hunt and Dick and Pauline Richards, all had been with Norma.

Saturday after the picnic Dick and I stopped to see Danny and Beth Maloney, their daughter and the children were there. Danny had picked us a five gallon bucket of green beans so when we stopped at Norma’s, she suggested for all of us to stem the beans. It didn’t take long for all eight of us to finish the job. I canned them this morning.

Until next time, God bless.

“By this My Father is glorified that you bear much fruit, ” John 15:8.

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