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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Today, October 7, 2012 prayer requests:  Candy Riners, Marion Morgan, Christy Calhoun’s daughter, Kate Junge’s family- Amber Junge and Emily, Cody (David Housley’s son-in-law) becoming a minister, Glenda and Stanley (preaching in Lebanon this week), Sharon and Van Renfrow, Brent Cain’s son, Jennifer Alexander, Jake Sellars, Laurie Golden, Kaye Garrison, Bernice Price, Raymond Sharr, and unspoken requests.

Anniversary:  Larry and Marylin Marah.

Birthday:  Macy.

Upcoming Events:  October 21- Old Fashioned Sunday with singing, potluck, photographs, horse and buggy rides, and pig roast at 11 a.m.  No evening service October 21.  Sunday, October 28, 6:00 p.m. Wiener Roast, games, and food.

We appreciate Lola Dennis for new, beautiful fall flower arrangements.

The choir did a special. Tammi Housley filling in on piano for Sharon Renfrow after her hip surgery-we appreciate that.  Great job today.

Last Sunday, we had Becky Lercher in concert during morning service.  Shelby Moore read thank you cards from Becky Lercher for love offering, and from Sharon Marler for all the help she received from Rock Chapel ladies at the Wright Co. Children’s Home auction Friday night.

Tammi Housley did a special. Sermon by Bro. Rick Batten:  Acts 2:  37-47.  In the days of the early church, the scriptures mentioned the growth of 3000 souls and that they were adding souls daily.  Bro. Rick said, “The church can grow and the gospel can continue to be spread today.  People were wanting to be saved, and this is still true today.  How can we reach people today?   (1) show benevolence by sharing what we have, helping others in need, visiting the sick, etc.  (2) help parents with their children by teaching them in church Bible stories and songs, hugging them, supporting them with their children, etc.  (3) invite others to come share in meals and fellowship at special events, and (4) pray for others.  The early church did all these things because they cared and loved each other; just like the church family in today’s churches.

Evening Service:  Sandy Housley read a special called, “A Bad cup of coffee”.  We should not be like a bad cup of coffee- cold, bitter, sour, weak, etc.  If we spend time with the Lord, and pray, we can become like a good cup of coffee.  Bro. Rick’s sermon:  2nd Corinthians 6: 15-17.  “Christians should stay clean in a dirty world.  He told a story about his little chicken getting stuck in the mud in the pig pen.  We do not want to be like the chicken.  Even after a bath, it is still not white again.  That is what happens to us if we get into the ‘devil’s pig pen’.  We will make mistakes, but we need to stay as ‘white’ as possible”.  Bro. Rick asked for special prayers for Jennifer Alexander.  She is battling stage 4 colon cancer, and she has more chemo this week and her PET scans.  Everyone was asked to pray for a good report and a good treatment.  Questions: Rick Batten 683-5657 or 417-250-0918/ Shelby Housley 746-4743/ Shelby Moore 746-4751.

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