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Gary Mitchell was a recent visitor in the home of Tom and Jewell Johnson. Tom and Jewell are still able to live in their own home, thanks to the grace of God and the willingness of their two sons and other family members to make that possible.

Norma Stillings had a very busy week. Tuesday morning, she and her friends, Bobbye Priddy, Terri Hall, Geraldine Gray, Lois Strong, and Nadine Letsinger met at the Wal-Mart parking lot and loaded up two cars to go to the Douglas/Ozark/Wright Counties Homemakers Fall Achievement Day which was held at Tecumseh. The Ozark County Extension Club had a very nice program.

Tuesday evening, Norma attended the Support the Handicapped Board meeting at the Sheltered Workshop. Norma had a doctor’s appointment Wednesday, got a Shingles shot at the drug store, and had lunch there with Suzie Graham. Thursday, Norma, attended the Ladies Bible Study at Bethany Baptist Church, then went to visit residents at Ava Place, Thursday afternoon.

Norma and her friend, Betty Moore, drove to Ozark, Missouri, Friday morning to attend the MRTA Region 10 Fall Meeting. There were about one hundred public school retirees there for an informative meeting and a nice lunch. Friday evening, Norma, went on the Hayride at the Corder Farm. Saturday morning she had breakfast at the VFW Hall, then went to the Heart of the Ozarks to play the piano and visit, then she went to the Festival at Ava Place for a late lunch and to listen to some good music. She rested the rest of the day. This coming week promises to be almost as busy as the last, Lord willing.

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