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Tommy Roberts was a recent visitor in the home of Tom and Jewell Johnson. Tom and Jewell appreciate his visits.

Norma Stillings attended the 2012 Missouri Long-Term Care Ombudsman Training Conference, September 24-26, at Osage Beach. The purpose of the conference was to become more knowledgeable in advocating for residents in long-term care settings. Some of the sessions focused on systemic changes needed to enhance the quality of life of residents, on providing meaningful activities for residents, on understanding the difference between changes caused by normal aging processes verses those that are not, on understanding the difference between guardianship, conservatorship, and Durable Power of Attorney documents, and a lot more. There was an awful lot of information given, so that by Wednesday afternoon, Norma had her head full and a bag really full of handouts, notes, brochures, and flyers.

Norma Stillings and her son, Dan, fixed supper, Friday evening, for Joe and Ione Gammon who were guests at the Bethany Baptist Church Mission Conference last week.

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