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Another beautiful, delightful autumn day around here. There’s been some really pretty trees all around me here, but they’re starting to lose too many leaves now to be picture-worthy. There’s a little red tree just to the west of me that shows up bright every year, but now it’s grown into a much bigger tree and still a bright red. Then to the south across the Interstate and up on a hill are a row of bright yellow trees with one being more of a yellow-orange and a growth of reds that I haven’t quite figured out yet. They’re down closer to the ground. I took a picture of Jeff’s little apple tree too. He worked so hard on it so it would survive when it first started growing. He would be happy to know it bears lots of apples every year and the horses enjoy them. And after I move the house will be bulldozed down and I”ll still have all my pics to remember how it used to be. I’ts been getting down in the upper twenties and lower thirties some nights so I called my gas man and asked him if he could bring me a half a tank of gas, so he brought it yesterday. He sure is a nice man. It was windy yesterday, last night and again today. We’re supposed to get some rain later this evening or tonight. I think the farmers have got most of their crops picked now. As usual I forgot about yesterday being Columbus Day until too late to mail my letter. I talked with Rob yesterday and he said Sharon has been babysitting their new little granddaughter. We plan to go to the Cities tomorrow so maybe I can pickup some news then. Well Walt has “Ol’ Risky” saddled up and ready to go to the mailbox so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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