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10-1-12. Well, the old calendar on the old wall says this is October. We’re still having beautiful autumn weather, a little chilly at times, but that’s what it’s supposed to be. And much better than when it was so hot you couldn’t enjoy being outside at all. I’ve always been a person who likes to be outside in nature. Back when I used to spend all that time down here at the Cedar River fishing I saw a lot of nature, animals and birds, etc. I remember when the trees along the river turned so pretty in the fall and reflected on the water. And when the water was low I’d go out on a sandbar to fish and if any one came down to the river and saw me out on a sandbar fishing they didn’t borther me because they knew it was my “me time.” And speaking of pretty tree colors – my cousin, Edna, and husband, Bill Pruett, came up here last week and spent a couple of days. (They live in Nixa, MO.) and we went to Iowa City on Wednesday. They have so many beautiful trees it about took my breath away. Those trees are always like that in the fall, but seemed like they were prettier than ever this time. Out on this end of town anyway and I assume it’s like that all over. I didn’t know if they would be as pretty this year because of the drought, but they’re just as pretty as ever. We’ve had a few frosts so I guess that helped them a lot. We went in Houseworks where I used to sell so muuch of my wares and Edna and I both love to look in there because they have so much to look at and they keep putting out more as fast as they can, because it keeps coming in fast. We had planned to eat at the Old Country Buffett in Coralridge Mall in Coralville, because we all really liked it before when we ate there, but Susan at Houseworks said they had closed that one too, and she told us where a Peking restaurant was out that way so we went out there and it was a nice big place with a different variety of foods so we enjoyed that. I asked Susan if Houseworks was flooded a few years ago when Cedar Rapids was flooded so bad and she said the water was around five feet deep inside their building. They had to get rid of almost everything. Iowa City is just down the river from Cedar Rapids. I know many of you have lived all through this area at one time or the other and know where all this is. After we ate we took Walt back home then Edna, Bill and I went back up to Sharpless Auction just this side of Iowa City. That’s where I used to do most of my buying and selling, but hadn’t been there for several years. I saw several of my old auction buddies there, but there were a lot of them I didn’t see. I’ve talked to some of them lately who said they had quit going. All I bought was one end of a table for one dollar and there were two or three boxes of movies  on there and some piles of records. The movies looked like all good modern movies, but for some reason I only took a few movies and left the rest of everything. I don’t know why I didn’t take all of them and take some to Houseworks to sell. Just not thinking straight. I was so excited about my company it’s a wonder I could think of anything. I sure was tired when I got home, not being used to doing that sort of thing anymore. On Thursday Bill suggested that Edna and I go back to Iowa City and go into Houseworks so we could look as long as we wanted to and he would stay here with Walt. So  we took off back up there and stayed in that one little area all day. We made three trips into Houseworks and found more things out on the shelves that we hadn’t seen each time we went and we went in a store called “Stuffs” where I used to sell too. They have taken over almost one whole side of that mall. A really big store now. They’ve got that one, another one in Cedar Rapids and now one in Davenport. I saw a few pieces of furniture I would of liked, but I don’t have any way to haul it. We looked into some more stores they had moved to that location and ate lunch in a Taco Bell right there by them and looked and looked, but mostly talked and talked. We were gone so long the men at home were calling to see if we were okay. So we came on home. Walt and Bill went to Tipton while we were gone and ate in an Asian Restaurant that used to be good, but had changed owners and wasn’t good anymore. Edna and Bill went home early Friday morning and I sure do miss them. I don’t know when I’ll ever get to see them again. I hope I get to come down there next year for my high school reunion.

Edna and I came back on Hwy. 6 on Thursday and got the pleasure of seeing a spectacular big red barn. It was really big, looked new, and was painted a bright red instead of the old-time “Barn Red” paint where they got the red pigments from the soil and it was a darker red. The end of this one was a solid red with a quilt block painted on a big square piece of plywood up towards the top. It just really showed up and caught our attention. The roof was black and of course that made it show up even better. A lot of people are putting those big quilt block patterns painted on plywood on their barns around here. I like to see them. I’m in a hurry to send a picture of the big red barn to Edna and show her how pretty it is.

I’ve had this sinus infection for over two weeks now and not any better so Walt talked me into calling the doctor Saturday morning. They went ahead and got me in and she ordered me some antibiotics for Bactrim Sulfa Drug. She asked if that was one I was allergic to and I said no because I didn’t remember it saying smz/tmp on the bottle instead of Bactrim. I’ll try to shorten this story. I took one in the car when I got it, by the time I got home I had a throbbing headache, upset stomach and so weak I felt like I would pass out when I stood up. I didn’t take anymore, called the clinic this morning and explained, called Wal-Mart to let me know when they get a call to give me a different one and when they get it ready and that Walt would pick it up for me as I don’t feel like going. So now we’re in limbo waiting to hear from someone. I’m going to have to make sure they have all the meds I’m allergic to in the computers at the clinic and Wal-Mart too. I saw Joyce Turner in Wal-Mart again. She said if I talked to her Uncle Royce Reed to tell him she sure would like to see him and talk to him again. So I told her I’d bring his phone number to her next time I see her. I called Royce yesterday to see if he had any news for me and he said he didn’t and that he’s doing fine. So I told him what Joyce said and that I was going take his number to her. Of course I always forget that almost everyone I talk to has already read whatever I say in the Douglas County Herald.

Walt’s daughter, Berta, called one day and said she was still having problems with sinus infection. Walt’s granddaughter, Amy, who is Berta’s daughter called this morning  and said she had moved into her apartment she’s been waiting for. So when we go back to the Cities we hope to get to see her and little Jaxson. She said he’s trying to crawl now. Can’t wait to see him again.

I hope all my friends and relatives are doing okay. For those of you who are relatives of the Allison’s or know them, their sister, Cora (Allison) Hipkins’ husband, Ron Hipkins has got cancer of the liver so please pray for him. They live in Genisco, Illinois. He’s getting treatments now that don’t seem to be helping much, but I sure hope they start before long. He seems like a really nice guy. Well, I haven’t heard from the clinic or Wal-Mart yet so maybe I’ll get ready and see if I feel like going up there to try to find out something.

So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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