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9-24-12. Well here it is getting down to 28 degrees last night and the low thirties other nights so fall is definitely in the air. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to get my propane tank filled again before I move. It’s almost down to twenty percent so I guess I’ll have to call my gas man and ask him to bring me some gas.

I’ve still got the sinus infection hanging on and I don’t think it’s good for a person to get chilled and especially not when you’re sick.

Yesterday there was still one little hummingbird out here at the feeder. I hope he left and got far enough south to where it was warmer last night.

I don’t have to worry about my flowers freezing because the ones that were lucky enough to survive the drought and heat have already died anyway. I sure did miss all my pretty flowers this years. I sprayed the roses when those Japanese beetles got on them and they are still blooming and looking good. They’re up next to the house so they’re protected some by the house and eaves. But I will need to cover them up before long. Walt sprayed those bees that were out there on the feeders (humminbird feeders) and they’re gone now. It was hard for the little birds to drink because the bees would chase them off. I let the weekend slip by again without calling anyone. The trees and foilage are starting to turn beautiful colors now so that means it’s time to start carrying my camera with me when I go any place. I saw two bald eagles flying over the Mississippi River when we crossed it the day we went into the Illinois Quad Cities. Some of them stay here all year. They just are so beautiful when the sun is shining on them or anytime. I finally got  all the pictures copied off the little card in my camera. I had over eight hundred on there. I didn’t know it would even hold that many. It took a long time, but I started using the big sheets of the photo paper and I can print three at a time. I make my own greeting cards from the pics. I already made a few, but want to make more.

We took the car to Lujack’s in Davenport Thursday to get the fuel injection serviced. Josh was there. He always treats us especially nice. Walt stopped at the McDonald’s at Walcott and got him a McGriddle and took it to him. He’s always glad to get those. While we were in the customer lounge waiting on the car I noticed the coffee pot smelled like it was burning and someone had set it on the burner with just a teenie bit of coffee in it and the coffee was starting to burn. So I got up to take it off the burner and one of the employees came in and said, “Here, I’ll make you some fresh coffee.” I explained that I was just going to move the pot and he apologized because there wasn’t any coffee made. So he started a fresh pot then left. So when it was ready I poured myself a cup. Then he came back in and asked me if I would like a cup. I told him I already got one. They had a popcorn maker in the lounge so he asked me if I would like some popcorn and started making that. I told him I probably wouldn’t eat any and he said, “You will when you smell it popping” and said, “that’s what they all say until they smell it, then they can’t resist it.” While his corn was  popping two other guys came in and one hurried and dumped that corn out because it was burning and smoking. Then he started some more while the other guy opened the doors. So the guy that popped the corn put some of the foam coffee cups by the popcorn and got some and took it with him and told me to help myself. So I did get some. I asked them if the new chairs reclined and they said it was too bad they didn’t because they could put in a movie. I kept telling them they were spoiling me until I wouldn’t want to leave. I don’t remember seeing those three there before, but they sure were nice. When we got back to the Tipton exit we went on up to Tipton and filled up with gas and did some shopping. Joyce Turner was working at Wal-Mart. I was checking out at a register behind hers and she left hers to come and give me a hug. She sure is sweet. So many sweet people in the world. Too bad there has to be so many grouches too. But the sweet ones make up for it. I told her I hadn’t talked to uncle “Roycie” for awhile, but was thinking about calling him and she said she sure would like to talk to him and that it had been a long time since she has seen him or talked to him. I told her I would call him and tell him I’s seen her and she said to tell him she sure would like to see him again. That’s Royce Reed. He lives in Davenport, Iowa.

Walt informed me awhile ago that the ground is really white out there this morning. The farmers are picking their corn and beans now. I think the beans did okay, but most of the corn is in bad shape. Some were cutting it for silage. The farmer has corn in the field in front of my house this year and it’s always nice when he cuts it then I can see I-80 again. There’s always something going on there.

They were auctioning off the horses in Dixon, Illinois that the woman bought with the 53 million dollars she stole from the city. There were a few thousand people there. Some from other countries. She had really beautiful horses located in three different places. A house in Dixon and one in Florida. One room full of trophies her horses had won. That is in Dixon and she probably has the same in Florida. They’re going to auction off her clothes, including fur coats, jewelry, trophies, the rest of her horses and I suppose her houses and everything in them. If convicted on all counts she could be sentenced to 300 years in prison. I still don’t understand how she could of got away for that long and did she actually believe she would never be caught?

“A sharp tongue is the only edged tool that grows keener with constant use.” – Washington Irving.

Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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