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This weather has been enjoyable. However, it has brought with it a round of colds and some flu. Our household has been hit with the round of colds and I am more than ready for some relief. I hated to miss Sunday morning service as we really wanted to hear Chuck Crain of Branson sing. He sings each performance with the Presley’s. I understand that it was a terrific service and that we missed seeing friends, Carl and Betty Atwood. I was sorry to hear that Helen Wilson was unable to be there for I know that she really enjoys good music.

We are hoping to be among the number who are able to be at the 2nd outreach revival at the Wagner Church on Thursday, Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. This revival is being put on by the Seymour Church of the Nazarene and I hope to see many of our neighbors present.

I have been asked to announce here that the 3rd annual “Webster County Thanksgiving Meal” will be served on Thanksgiving Day at noon at the Elkland Independent Methodist Church. It will be a potluck dinner and all of you readers are welcome to gather there for fellowship. The turkey will be provided.

Saturday afternoon, I enjoyed having oldest daughter, Janice Morris over with a few members of her family. We watched a movie and spent sometime together. It sure made the afternoon fly by as we visited together.

Several of you have asked about my husbands little brother, Bob Inman and how he is improving. He is still in the hospital in Vermont, where he is receiving rehabilitation from the severe pneumonia that he had. It was a fungal pneumonia and he could have died from it. Junior has been keeping track of him by telephone and we ask that you continue to lift him up in prayer. Bob grew up here in the Ozarks and has many friends around the Chadwick, Garrison, Oldfield and Sparta communities.

Just got off the phone with great granddaughter, Reagan Inman who called to sing to us and to make sure that we were feeling better. She really enjoys singing and has really been enjoying her Daddy being her new music teacher at the Marshfield Christian School, where she attends preschool. There is nothing like the sound of a sweet, innocent voice to make you feel better. I could hear all the little guineas that they are raising in the background behind her. They made a nice little chorus. They had a guinea hen hatch out 12 little ones this past week and they have been caring for them in the house. Reagan has really enjoyed pretending that she is their mother.

That is all for this week as I am starting to feel bad again. Hope you have a great week and look forward to seeing you out this way in the near future.

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