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I understand that the out reach revival that was held at the Wagner Church (former school of this community) was a huge success. It was reported that 83 were in attendance and it was a powerful service. The Seymour Church of the Nazarene hosted the revival, it is the church where Mark Terrill (pastor) grew up. I have heard that another service is being planned for Thursday, Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. You will not want to miss this next service as well. Wagner is where my step dad, Philip Hargis attended school for many years.

Sunday afternoon our grandson, Jeffrey Inman who has been raised at Dogwood was united in marriage to Ralissa Watkins. Ralissa’s family has lived in this community for many years and we have known generations of her family as our neighbors. The wedding was held at Ava at the Fox Trotter’s Arena on 5 Hwy. It was nice to see our family gathered there. I really enjoyed watching my great grandchildren all run around together and play. Ralissa was such a beautiful bride and we wish them many years of happiness together. Jeffrey is the son of our oldest son, Jerry and his wife, Jeri Inman. The day of the wedding was also his brother, Joey Inman’s 16th birthday. His brother, Johnny Inman served as best man and Jerry officiated. It was a really nice ceremony.

Following the wedding, grandson Nicholas and his wife, Sarah decided to take me and their daughter Reagan on the Glade Top Trail. Many of the trees have already begun to change color and we had a nice drive, even though we really got lost down there along the trail. We came out down near Theodosia and we certainly saw a lot of countryside in the process. We eventually found 95 and took it to Wasola and was able to get back on 5 Hwy. I had forgotten just how dark it can get when you do not know where you are going! We then took N Highway, the other side of Squires and went to Rockbridge. There we enjoyed a nice dinner in the historic restaurant located there at the trout ranch. I had never been on the trail before or at Rockbridge. I would like to go back and see the mill and historic buildings there in the daylight. It is located in Ozark County, I believe. It was 15 miles down N Highway, not to awful far away from Ava. However, it was sure a long ride back to home.

You just never know where we might end up. Just a few weeks ago we were off to Branson with Elsie Myers and Betty Jo Cantrell where we met with Debbie Reynolds. There always seems to be an adventure somewhere awaiting.

Hope you are all well and we look forward to seeing you all out this way in the near future. God Bless.

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