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Oak Grove Church

This Sunday morning, the message was brought by Bro. Davon Friend from Brushy Knob General Baptist Church. The evening message was brought by Bro. Gary Martin. I can’t give you anymore information than that at this time because I was away on a national missions trips to Marion, Kentucky.

The purpose of that trip was to help in the construction of a new sanctuary building for the youth camp which is being built in Crittenden County to serve the General Baptist Associations in that area. The same group from Franklin, Kentucky who came to help with the Piland Youth Camp project last year were responsible for this effort as well.

We also had a three-day revival and one day V.B.S. at Unity General Baptist Church near Marion, Kentucky and everyone involved received wonderful blessings as a result. The Lord is still touching lives, we need to be involved in His work.

“WANTED – Men, Women and Children: to sit in slightly used pews on Sunday morning and Sunday evenings. Oak Grove General Baptist Church, Wasola, MO.

God bless.

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