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Oak Grove Church

This past weekend was pretty full for Oak Grove. Greg and Linda Nasif along with several other adults and at least ten teens managed a bake sale and car wash as fundraisers for a fall retreat at Piland Youth Camp. Our deepest appreciation to all of you who contribued, either your time and energy or funds in that worthy effort.

We also participated in the fifth Sunday meeting, held at True Hope General Baptist Church in Theodosia (Lutie), all who came received a blessing.

Our Sunday School lesson “Faith Instills Love,” was a great beginning for the morning worship service and lead into the morning message, “We Should Comfort One Another,” taken from our text in I Thess. 5:1-11.

Our evening message was, ” A Certain Nobleman,” from the parable in Luke 19, relating how our Lord is the “Nobleman,” who will one day return and there will be an acounting. “Are you busy about His business?”

We have plenty of seating still available. Don’t be a stranger, come be our guest! You will be welcome and we will be pleased. May God bless you in your prayer.

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