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I can’t believe we are already into October. The next three months are the most exciting time of all. All of the holidays are fast approaching and when you still have kids at home, they don’t let you forget to decorate and bake for the special seasons. Speaking of baking, I went to the Senior dinner Tuesday and Joan Williams and Linda VanderBogart prepared a very good meal with everyone bringing dishes in with a recipe of their own. Those that were also there to help eat were Linda, Shirley and Denver Cottengim, John and Shirley Shores, Phil and Sue Durden, Jr. and Alberta Steinert, Jack Chadwell, Leon Pendergrass, Wanda Helums, Mindy Russell, Ronnie and Janet Atchison, Donna Climer, Joann Climer, Delta Forrest and Mary, Duane, Christian, Charity and Carman Atchison. The next dinner will be November 13. Hope to see you there.

Donna Climer was showing off her pictures at the dinner of her new grandson, Noah David Harold Climer, born 10-8-12. The little fella didn’t look big enough to have a name that long, but grandma sure was proud.

Our anniversaries this week are Shawn and Shelly Chadwell on the 14th. They were married 17 years ago. I talked to Shawn and he said it gets better every day. That was a big compliment, Shelly! Bob and Linda VanderBogart celebrated on the 15th, 46 years ago. Lavern and Josephine Yoder will be married six years on the 20th and Vance and Cindy Holloway on the 20th also.

Leo Bradshaw passed away Thursday night. Ruth celebrated her 88th birthday on Wednesday the 10th. Happy birthday Ruth, we love you. Sorry about your loss.

Hazel Dodson was taken to the hospital Monday but soon released. She has pneumonia, a fluid around her heart. She is busy having her place all cleaned up.

Ann Bradshaw was taken to the hospital Tuesday. She is having some hip problems. She is in St. John’s.

Congratulations to LeAnn Kelly, daughter of Ron and Deanna Kelly and Robert Smith of Cabool, on their wedding. I didn’t get the date, but I did hear that her family has grown a little more now. They have seven children all together. It’s good to see you so happy.

Have you ever wondered how old Ruth Dunlap is? Her daughter, Shirley said she turned 77 on the 6th. Happy birthday, Ruth.

Union Grove Church is having a hayride Wednesday, Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. Food and drinks will be provided. They usually have three trailers full of kids and sponsors.

Don’t forget to meet at the post office at 4 p.m. Oct. 22 to discuss having a postal service and what we can do to keep ours here.

Leo Bradshaw lived in Kansas City for 13 years, working for General Motors and a Volkswagon agency. Then he came back to Norwood and put in a garage in 1977. He ran for sheriff and got himself elected and retired in 1992 after 16 years. The funniest thing Ruth could remember was Troy Coffman told Leo that he had a Democrat locked up in the drunk tank. When Leo went down to see who it was, there stood a donkey in the tank. Troy had put the donkey there himself. I would love to have been born in those days where you could just do funny things and not have animal activists or someone hollering discrimination against you.

Challenge: When is the last time you wrote an old-fashion letter to someone?

If you have any news, give me a call at 746-1112. Until next week, God bless our little town.

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