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Howdy. This last week was a good week for the weather but I’m thinking that a cool, wet fall is rapidly approaching,

Farmers Day was a huge success. There were so many spectators, and lots of food and a great parade, (even though our church float came in 2nd). Tender Loving Car took first place and  my sister, Tina Sweet, deserved it. But what was funny, second place made it to the front page of last Wednesday’s paper. FFA took third place. There was a few mis-happenings but everyone is alright now. Leo Bradshaw was taken back to the hospital. Wanda Helms passed out and made a trip to Springfield too, and so did my youngest daughter, Annie Sue. A rock was thrown and her nose caught it. But everyone is home now and doing better. I appreciate everyone on the Farmers Day committee. Our grand marshals this year were Rick and June Forrest.

After Farmers Day, they had a huge success with over 100 people to attend a “Youth Lift Me Up” service. There was comedy, skits and music.

The high school girls softball team had a great season this year. They started off slow, but you could see such great improvement at the end. They were 12-12. The coaches are Bobby and Tracy Cottengim. They will be losing one senior, Mallori Rein, daughter of Bob and Darla Rein.

Elections are getting closer. The last day to get registered is October 10. You can register at your own city hall or Hartville Courthouse. By the way, bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote. America needs you!

Our anniversaries this week are Zach and Tammy Williams on the 10th. They will be married 32 years. Robbie and Debra Stewart on the 11th and Andy and Marjorie Shetler on the 12th. I had two late anniversaries on Oct. 3: Jonas and Marianna Yutzy celebrated their 27 years together, and on the 4th, Gary and Judi Rowland celebrated 50 years together.

Fun Facts: Ryan Banking Company stood as one of Wright County’s strong and successful institutions in the 1920s. The bank was established in 1911. According to the official statement the bank had resources of $276,047.00, capital stocks 25,000.00, surplus 5,000.00 and deposit of approximately a quarter million dollars. Officers of the bank were Dr. W.S. Calhoun, president John W. Cramer, vice president D.L. Connally, cashier; and Ralph Hylton, bookkeeper.

Challenge: The biggest difficulty with mankind at the present, is that our knowledge has increased so much faster than our wisdom.

For any information please call 746-1112 and until next week, God bless our little town.

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