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I’m back this week with some news from our community. I’m sorry I neglected to write for the past two weeks, but sometimes I just come up with nothing to write. Not many give me their news and I get discouraged.

But some events have happened and I’ll try to do better.

First of all, my niece, Vickie Prock, is reported to be doing some better with pain and she is home until the swelling goes down and then she must undergo surgery on her knee. So she is still needful of prayer. Jo is staying with her during the week and Sally stays the weekend. The good Lord was certainly with Vickie because she was spared by His grace. He provided a place for Vickie to land so that the full weight of the horse was not on her and were are all praising God for His care and for sparing her life. Jo told me how thankful they are for prayers and for help. She said Cody and Rachel had visited Vickie. Also Tim and Katrice and several others. The family is in appreciation.

The Nimble Thimble Club ladies and Billy went for their fall outing to a restaurant near Norwood. It was a nice place and good food. All members were able to be together and we had only one guest this time and he was Barb Hofling’s husband, Tom, It was a beautiful drive with fall colors showing up amazingly colorful. The foilage is rapidly turning to all colors against a backdrop of dark green cedars in places. Jean, Colleen and I went from Ava with Ruth Evans as our excellent driver and we enjoyed one another’s company over and back and then Jean delivered me home from one more trip I was priviledged to make with my friends. I appreciate all who help me and also Alma who carts me and my “stuff” to club each week. So I continue to go when I can although I quit going for awhile and gave up my secretary job. Billy was kind enough to start keeping the minutes.

Our quilting club is a special thing that happens every Wednesday in the lives of eleven women (10 women and one gentleman) who meet in a warm close atmosphere and where there is a lot of sharing going on. We’ve all gone through a lot together. We lost my Aunt Iva and our special Betty moved away. Ruby Sievert (we called her Ruby II) had to quit due to health issues and our precious Norma we miss every week. My corner seems empty without her. Our youngster Nikki went away to college and we have had members come and go and we enjoyed everyone of them. A lot of sharing goes on while facing one another around the quilting frames. This cooperative effort has produced a lot of quilts over the years and we’ve produced a scrapbook of quilts photographed for future reference. In addition to the work done is a multitude of small acts of caring. Like cinnamon rolls or equivilant each morning with a big pot of coffee which Ms. Audrey sees to. Or the cards and gifts from Secret Pals all year. In other words, “quilting is sharing and when you get home you’re in a better mood.” Everyone needs a group to belong to. I have appreciated ours.

On to other news. Charlie visited me Sunday afternoon. Ruth and Paylie came by also and sons, Keven and Burr had coffee with me Saturday morning. Kasey came by one evening.

I went to church Sunday morning and was privileged to hear Jason Mayberry preach. I think he has just recently been called to preach the word and I pray His and Amanda’s ministry will be blessed. They are a nice family with two handsome boys.

Julie and Wendy (Potter sisters) sang beautifully. It was really good to have James back playing the drums. They have been silent of late.

Karen and Greg have been cutting wood. Greg worked Sunday morning on Mom, Norma’s bathroom.

Last Sunday Karen and Greg took his mother, Norma, out for breakfast celebrating Norma’s birthday. Nicole and I were luckily invited along to share a delicious breakfast and then Karen took me to church because I had missed my ride.

I’m sure I will forget to write someone’s news. If so forgive me. It’s hard to remember a few weeks of happening. Which tells me I should write a little each week. I will do better.

But before I go I’d like to tell of a bit of news I heard. Did anyone else happen to hear of the multimillion dollar underpass already well started in San Antonio that had to be brought to a complete standstill because of a itsy bitsy spider found underground that is on the endangered spider list. This is the first time one has been seen in 30 years. I wonder how many of those we have killed with spider spray sold still yet in the U.S. It’s a mixed up world, don’t you agree?

We just must keep our eye on the reward awaiting the faithful and “get the world off our shoulders.”

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