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October 6th  sure was a change in weather. James and me spent a few days at Chateau on the Lake. Garrison Church made arrangements for us to go. They were holding a retreat for pastors and their wives presented by the Missouri Baptist Convention Family Ministries. We had good food, a nice place for rest and the conferences were good and we met some really nice people.

Sunday, October 21st, 68 were present at Garrison Church. Melany Stevens sang a beautiful song. As always, we were glad to have our visitors at Garrison Church. We had the business Sunday night. The church chose Brett Stevens, David Guerin, Chris Bettis and Bub Payne to be ordained the 2nd Sunday in February 2013. We have three great deacons – Joe Rozell, Gordan Jones and Jerry Mitchell. Our senior deacons felt a need to train some young men. We desire your prayers as God is working in the church.

My sympathy to the Vonda Shortt family. Her parents were the late Emmitt and Onie (Harvill) Shortt.

Also to Larkin Coffer family and Bertha Coffer family. Bertha was Ollie and Bess (Maggard) Morrison’s daughter and Leota Lakey, I don’t know her married name. Her parents were the late Elias and Grace (Sharpton) Lakey.

Saturday night someone was pulling a trailer and people enjoying a hayride. I don’t know who they were, but we stood on the back porch and waved at them.

Cody and Lacy Ellison are proud parents of a baby boy. I know Lisa is a happy grandma.

Two weeks ago Tuesday I visited Junior and Betty Halcomb and Sybil Harvill. Sybil and I went up to the cemetery at Mt. Olive.

October 7  at Garrison Church a lady was saved. We need your prayers that God will keep blessing the church. October 14 we had 78 in attendance. Melany Stevens sang a special and Lisa and grandson, Wyatt Ellison, sang.

Sunday evening several gathered and enjoyed a nice hayride. It was sure a nice evening for it and we had a weiner roast at the broken slab. We had lots of good desserts too. Before we left the church some picked up trash on the road way.

Shirley Jones had back surgery and it went good.

Wednesday, October 10th Garrison Church attended the revival at First Baptist Church in Sparta. Their new church building is very nice. Their reverend is Hosea Bilyeu. James and me enjoyed visiting several people we knew.

Visiting Iona Maggard were Bradon and Nikki Hampton and daughter, Carolyn Hampton and granddaughters and Jamey Boyd and daughter, Ervin, Sandra Maggard and daughter, Valerie Austin. Sam, Carolyn’s granddaughter was celebrating her birthday, Saturday, October 20. Buck and Stephanie Nelson, Johnnie and Elaine Nelson enjoyed a trip to Mississippi and Florida and other points of interest. Buck visited James Wednesday, October 17th.

October 19th Steven Adams and Tamara Freeman were married at Squires, MO. Rev. James Orick performed the ceremony before a large crowd of family and friends. It was cold that evening as it was outside on their front lawn. As they played the music the white turkeys gobbled some. They had a pretty back ground for their pictures.

Have a good weekend and a safe Halloween.

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