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The cool weather sure is nice. It gets pretty warm in the evening. The time of year it’s hard to dress for. The persimmon shows a spoon meaning snow, some call the snow poor man’s fertilizer. Due to the bad drought most everyone fits in the poor man group if you are not already there before the drought happened. Leaves are beginning to turn. Our frost bush is getting pretty red. Autumn may have a good start.

Wednesday on our way to Bible Study, the storms had blown trees and limbs down in Russ and Kim Jones’ yard. No damage done other than loss of a tree, tops out of trees and lots of limbs.

Sunday we were glad to have some of the sick folks back at Garrison Church. The people who attend there are very nice and love to have you worship with them. And we love visitors too. And you feel comfortable, dress casual or dress up. Do whatever suits you., it will suit everyone. We are just down to earth people serving God and wanting to see souls saved. No one is stuck up for sure. Attendance was 70.

The Thomas Reunion was last Saturday. I put it in my column, but since it was an ad, I guess I was suppose to pay for it. Anyway, it was left out. We did not attend, but I hope several came out for it.

Ervin and Sandra Maggard and daughter, Valerie Austin, were Sunday guests of Iona Maggard. Recently, Valerie’s son, Shelby, got married. Congratulations to them.

Juanita, Raina and Jerry Powell, Ronnie Maggard and other family members visited Jerry Nelson Sunday.

Ronnie Maggard stopped by George and Janie Morrison’s Sunday.

Junior and Betty Halcomb visited James and me Sunday evening. It is good to see her able to be out and about. David and Glenda prepared them a nice dinner Sunday.

Little Garrett Ewing was helping Grandpa, Gary Harvill mow the lawn Monday at Grandpa’s. Garrett is very intelligent for his age.

James and me visited Junior and Betty Halcomb Tuesday morning. They sure had some pretty lettuce in their garden. It told them I would help them eat it. It sure was good. Their son, David, was there cutting some weeds around the barn.

Janie said she really enjoyed the train ride for her birthday with Phyllis and Rhonda. They ate at Charlie’s in Forsyth.

I forgot to mention the Sunday of my birthday Sept. 19 a lady and her son, was saved at Garrison Church. That was a great birthday celebration. Two weeks later her daughter was saved.

Sympathy sent to the Phillips family. They lost a family member, David Phillips. Several family members went to Illinois for a memorial for David and took his ashes to be placed by his Dad and Mom. David is my sister-in-law, Shirley Halcomb’s nephew. He will be missed by his family. Also her aunt, Mrs. Jesse (Bea) Phillips passed away Thursday night. Ralph and Melissa Hutchinson’s daughter, DeAnna Porter and family visited.

Get-well wishes sent to Diane Shortt and Teena Johnson. Diane wants to be able to get out of the hospital to attend her son, Farron’s wedding.

Friday Rex Halcomb visited his sister, Sybil Harvill. He visited James and me a few minutes. David Halcomb and James were going fishing. Bucker Nelson visited James Saturday morning.

Doyle Lakey is in the Ava nursing home for some therapy. Ralph Hutchinson visited Rick Nelson there at the home.

People who believe what goes down must come up are sometimes called farmers.

People don’t think where their food come from. A farmer is never paid enough.

Have a good weekend.

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