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It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning here in Ava, but last night was quite stormy.  The thunder and lightning woke me different times in the night.  I saw snow on the news this morning in the California mountains and Tahoe areas and it was coming down.  I was in that area a couple of weeks ago, for my brother’s memorial, about 15 miles up in the mountains.  He lived in Auburn, Ca., but the memorial was at the church where his daughter Tammy and family lived in Forrest Hill, Ca.  The service was at her church.  The Assembly of God Church.  It’s a beautiful area there.  The service was beautiful and the church was full of friends and family.  We had all taken food and the church did also.  It was a wonderful dinner, with outside tables set up under pine trees.  Many beautiful words were spoken in the service and the people were so kind.  I was there two weeks and enjoyed visiting, but was very glad when the plane touched down at the Branson Airport.  There was some on the plane who were with a tour group from LA to Branson and it was so beautiful to see all the colors as we flew over the trees, that there was a lady who sat by me said, “You sure don’t see anything like this in LA.”

I went to church Sunday before last, with my sister in Vacaville, Ca., where she goes to the First Baptist Church.  They still had their black minister and his wife.  They have two morning services and different services throughout the week.  A very large congregation.  The pastor was also a college professor and had lots of workers there in the church.  I very much enjoyed the music and the service and there are altars in this big church.

I was glad to be back at my own church this past Sunday.  Brother Bob Fleetwood taught and Brother Benny brought the message, both morning and evening.  His morning message was from II Kings 4:1-6 and Matthew 25:1-13.  We had two birthdays…Happy Birthday to Sister Charlotte Brown and Sister Sheila, Valdez’s sister that has moved here from Illinois.  I think Sister Charlotte was 87 years, and we’re glad to have her back with us.  Sunday night, Brother Benny preached from John 5:24-37 and Joel 2:27-30.  We had lots of good special singing and a special testimony from a visiting minister from, I believe, North Carolina.  He and his wife have moved to Missouri, and I enjoyed his testimony.  We will be having another minister preaching next Sunday night and starting next week, on Thursday night, a Bible study will begin at Faith Rock.  I forgot to mention, our daughter Teresa Gloyd, has a birthday today.

Jerry and I spent Saturday with Teresa and John and we drove to Bentonville, Ar. and saw some beautiful areas.  Almost going through Eureka Springs, we went to see the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville.  It’s a beautiful museum, built by the widow of Sam Walton.  We ate lunch and saw the museum.  It has a beautiful art display and outside are many little walking trails with flowers and little bridges.  A wonderful place to take the family for the day.It was a long drive but the scenery was gorgeous.

I had a call yesterday, Sister Sheryl’s dad had passed away in Springfield.  I believe he had been ill for some time.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her as she goes through this sorrow.

I hear our community is getting ready for Halloween next week.  My neighbor kids asked me if I was giving out candy again.  She said that that was a good thing for older people to do, since we didn’t have anything else to do.   We older ones have plenty to do, we are just slower getting it done.

We invite you to Faith Rock for all services, we will try to welcome you here always.

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