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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

It seems the weeks just fly by. I was busy trying to get everything ready for our fall festival and I think everyone had a great time. We had several ride on the trailer as they made their way around the mountain to enjoy the beautiful scenery. From what I hear, the kids were telling me they saw more than scenery. I heard they saw some ghosts, a witch riding a tractor, a chainsaw wielding creature, and even saw a bear. I saw some pictures that they took on Facebook. When they came back to church, we played some games for candy. It is after all close to Halloween. We played our version of cake walk, we played candy walk. We also had a game of name where the picture was taken. They did pretty good picking out where the photographs were taken. We even had some ghosts hanging around with Bible questions on them. After the games we all ate a bite and did lots of visiting.

I hope you all remember that this month is pastor apprecation month. We all gathered things together and put them in a basket for our preacher, Donald. We are very lucky to have a man who loves and prays for us. He drives a long ways just to be with us. We really do feel very blessed. Now, we were told not to tell his wife that he received anything, but you know that I am always going to be on the ladies side. We women do have to stick together.

Our prayer list is still long, it seems to add a new name every few weeks. You don’t have to know all of their names to help us pray for the people on our prayer board. God knows the needs of each and every person.

We are making plans for a benefit singing for Tina and Jolly. This is one of the ladies who is still in need of our prayers and also her family. Pray for strength and for healing and for God to stay near this young family.

I have been to watch my grandson, Braxton, play his last soccer game. They are so cute at this age. He hasn’t done much on the field, but his week as goalie, he actually stopped a ball from going in the net. I know dad was proud of his son. I also went and saw my brother, Bob. He was doing much better this week. I visited with mom and Angie and stopped by and saw Rick Nelson and his sister, Debbie, was also there. It seems I run into a lot of my friends visiting someone in the nursing home. Either there or Wal-Mart, maybe that’s the only places I go?

I guess that is all the news I have for this week. Stay safe from all your neighborhood ghosts and goblins, and have a great Halloween. Remember that there really is such a thing as ghost. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.

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