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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

We have had another great week here on our mountain. God is blessing us with some beautiful Fall colors. Sitting on the front porch of our church you can look out and enjoy some of God’s work of art.

It’s a busy time at church. We are making plans for our Fall festivals which are this Sunday afternoon. We always have a hayride, games, food and good fellowship. We are also working on our Christmas play. It’s always this time of year when the holidays start, that you can find so much fun stuff to do.

We had a wonderful service at church Sunday. Larry started out Sunday school reading about the spirit and the songs and message also talked about the spirit. God always has a way of bringing things together for his purpose.

I went out with Roger, Dustin and my grandkids to haul wood. I think we did more mushroom hunting then helping with the wood. We did have a good time. We found mushrooms, I took my camera and got some great pictures of the kids out enjoying God’s wonderful playground.

If you have no where to enjoy the beauty of God’s handiwork come to our church. You can enjoy the beauty, hear some good music and then hear the word of God. There no better way to spend a Sunday!

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