Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

It seems that fall weather has arrived. We did get most of our garden picked. I can’t believe here it is in October and we picked three gallons of green beans. We also hadn’t dug out potatoes and sweet potatoes until just this week. We were amazed how many sweet tators we got out of just six hills. For such a dry hot summer, God truly did bless us with a bountiful harvest. Roger said it looked like we were pack rats gathering in our winter supply of food.

We had a wonderful service at church this weekend. Tina Johnson was able to be in church with us. It was truly an answer to lots of prayer, and we are still praying for her strength and healing. We also got to sing Happy Birthday to her. I read on Facebook that several of our church members have celebrated birthdays, Happy Birthday to each and everyone of them. I am not very good at this Facebook stuff, but you can keep up with family and friends. You can keep up with our church on there. Check us out and you will find verses from the Bible and events happening at our church.

It was good to have Jenny Downs in church with us Sunday and Sunday night we got to hear Bro. Dennis Downs bring the message. It had been a while since we had heard him. I know it has to bless Bud and Francis to be in church with all of their kids, and especially to see them working for God.

As normal we have a rather lengthly prayer list. I think this list grows faster then it goes down. Larry is always asking prayer for his brother, and this week we need to add Larry to that list because he was too sick to be in church with us.

We do have some exciting news at our church. Someone, I won’t mention names (Mattie) is sporting a new engagement ring. We are very happy for this young couple. We also had a wedding here at the church Sunday (Farron Shortt and his new bride). We wish them the very best.

Miss Violet has been busy making things again, little Colton received a new hunting cap, bright hunter orange and camoflouge. He may have to grow a bit for it to fit just perfect, but that means he can wear it longer. Violet likes to make scarves and caps to help keep us all warm and we do appreciate it. She is a sweetheart of a lady.

Roger and I have been busy seeing lots of family. We went with my brother, Howard and his wife, Phyllis, down to Arkansas to visit with our other brother and wife, Stan and Dottie. We enjoyed a relaxing couple of days. This weekend my sister’s grandson and his wife came out and we visited with mom and then came to our house and showed them a few places I thought they may have heard about from my sister and her husband. We then played cards and Shawn, Miranda and Alexis came out to visit.

I know I’m always talking about how busy we are, but you know no matter how busy you get, you should never get too busy to have time for God. For without God in our lives and in your life, we would not have to worry about being busy…because with God we simply would not be!

Something to think about, huh? Find time for God, remember he loves you. Have a great week.