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Here is an excerpt from an e-mail received, written by a Democrat who had previously voted for Obama.  This man, Bob Correal went to see the movie “2016”, which revealed to him the true Obama, upholding the serious concerns he has had regarding the person in the White House.  Correal said “it is scarier than any Friday the 13th movie I’ve ever seen:

Be careful for whom you vote, be very careful. Put your love of God and our nation first- it’s all we have.  I, for one, don’t want to continue losing what we had, that which is slowly and perversely being taken away step by step, executive order by executive order.  We are a Christian nation even though we are being told that is no longer true.  Pray for the wisdom to choose wisely.

Rory and Debbie took me to a neat restaurant north of Norwood, up in farming country.

Sunday I attended the ARISE group that meets after Mass.  Actually there are four groups that meet but the timing of this group is best for me.  These are faith-sharing sessions about encountering Christ in today’s world, “exploring” the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, their accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry.  Everyone contributes and shares faith experiences.

Willie Boeddeker passed away in December of 1990 – where have the years gone?  Duke Genet passed away in February of 2002 and again I wonder where the years have gone.  This week I turn 79 and again wonder “Where have the years gone?”  Every time a door has been closed for me, another has been opened, thanks to God’s great love.  As many a widow and widower learn, life goes on.  It is different for sure but, we must go on and thank the Lord for what we had and what we have.  Many of us have also lost our parents and siblings.  We survive these crises, perhaps somewhat diminished due to our loss.  Depression is not an answer for us, turning to God in prayer is the answer.

Until next week, be well, and don’t forget to VOTE with a good conscience.

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