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Dogwood Ramblings

A trip to Springfield last week let me see so many fields of downed and baled hay.  Quite a surprise after the summer we have had.  The ponds we had cleaned out now have some water in them.  Some calves are arriving, perhaps a bit smaller this year and that perhaps due to such a difficult summer and the lack of good green forage.  What pasture we have is slow to recuperate so the pastures are being rotated often.  One would think with the cooler weather the fescue hay would be coming on a bit faster.

Jocelyn Downs reports that her chickens are still laying eggs but certainly not as many are laying as earlier in the year.  The weather has not been kind to chickens.  I hear that some gardens are still struggling along but the off and on rain is hard on squash and the like, which are susceptible to wet rot.

Church attendance has been up a bit.  At St. Leo’s we have a few small groups meeting throughout the week.  As the bible says, “Where two or three are gathered…..!”  St. Leo’s provided a spaghetti feast for the high school football team and I hear that went well.  We are now focusing on our annual fall supper of turkey and all the trimmings, to be held between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Also, we are gearing up for Confirmation on November 17th.

Of course, this is the time of year for hunters, here and in other states.  Do be careful driving as the deer don’t know about vehicles.  One lady called in to a Fargo, ND radio station wondering why the highway departments have deer crossing signs on major roads.  She suggested the deer crossing signs should be on less used roads and perhaps near schools where traffic has to be slower.  She seemed to think someone should be teaching the deer to cross roads in different areas.  Yep!  She probably votes!.

Granddaughter Lindsay Boeddeker flew here from California for a short visit.  She and her dad, Rory, were here for supper one evening.

Nels Christenson dropped in momentarily.  He has been busy putting up some hay as the weather allows.  I visited shortly with Kim Fincher who is also attempting to get some late hay baled.  Mike & Cathy Shultz now have a ride on mower and are doing their best to make Eva Wymer’s former home as nice as she had it.  No recent word from Jamey Herd and I hope you are praying for full recovery for her, both her home and her health.  Ron Boeddeker did a bit of hunting way north of here but came home empty-handed.  Granddaughter Reanna spent one night with me and got on to the school bus here.

Until next time, be well.

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church from the desk of Jamey Herd: I want to thank everyone for your prayers. It has been a rough several weeks with the lightening damage to our house and then having the flu this past week. Several at our church have had this flu bug and I wish everyone a speedy recovery. I have had to miss church for two Sundays so don’t have a lot of news from everyone there. There was a packed house on the fifth Sunday for the singing. There were an array of good specials from the different Churches represented and a good spread of food that followed. There is nothing like the fellowship with fellow Christians.

Condolences go out the Welker family in the passing of George Welker.

Have you noticed the beautiful fall colors that have come out the last few days I hope to get out with a camera and capture some of the beautiful colors? I will have to ride the ATV to do it as I had an injection in my right knee on Monday and I am supposed to take it easy for 72 hours.

I finally got my desktop computer repaired from the lightening damage so as soon as I can sit and type up the history of Dogwood I will get that submitted to the paper. I am sorry for the delay.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week and God’s Blessings.

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