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My sympathy to the Jimmy Massey family and the Carolyn Iott family.

Keith Breeding and David Dodson  made a trip to Tennesee to get some coonhound puppies last week.

Those here on Monday were Diana Davis, Donna Dodson, Reece and Megan Goforth, Quin and Macee Breeding.

Jo Stephens visited Bessie Hall on Tuesday.

Debra Reed of Kansas called several times this week. Her and Johnnie’s house had caught on fire Wednesday night. A drop of water from the humidifier through a vent in ceiling woke Johnnie up and he smelled the smoke. It damaged the bathroom and laundry room.

Diana and Donna came by on Thursday.

Reece Goforth had to have a shot for poison ivy on Thursday. He missed two days of school.

Donna and I went to town on Friday.

Reece spent Friday night with Porter McCullough.

Quin spent Friday night with David and Donna.

Megan Goforth had a slumber party for her 12th birthday Friday night. Those attending were Gracie Heinlein, Kiaunna Snow, Kyleigh Graham, Jessica Schneweis and Regan Koop. Kami and Waylin Souder made her a tie-tyed birthday cake with her picture on it. It was very cute. They all attended the football game. She also received gifts from Grandma Glenda and Papa Dale Evans and Papa David and Granny Donna Dodson.

Megan spent Saturday night with Regan Koop. Melanie Breeding and Lora Koop went to a movie Saturday night.

Chase and Bryse Dodson, Reece, Quin and Macee all stayed Saturday night with David and Donna.

Quin’s friend, James and Megan’s friend, Regan Koop, spent Sunday afternoon visiting them.

John and Lisa Hensley and Seth of Hartville visited John and Jo Stephens Sunday.

Michael Dodson visited Bruce Sterling Sunday. He and Corrina helped with the softball benefit for the Bad News Bears ball team Friday and Saturday.

Dalton and Challa Watkins, Axle Hill, Dominick and Cedrick Bristol, Kelly and Ashlin, Quin and Macee all played soccer Saturday.

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