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Caney Church News

October 10 – Caney Cnurch came together Wednesday evening to praise the Lord and study His word. We began services with congregational singing. Bro. Jeff Shipley welcomed everyone. We have lots of concerns as we went to the Lord in prayer. Sis. Melba Austin led in prayer.

We once again had Bro. Augustine Opemba to speak for us. He took his message from Phil. 2:5-11, Luke 8:1-3 and Romans 10:9-17. Jesus said, “Go into the whole world and preach the gospel. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess “Jesus Christ” is Lord! As sin has increased man’s life span has decreased. We need to fast and pray to see change. There is a great work to do in the mission field. We all have something to do. Caney Church was saddened to hear of the passing of Bro. Bob Smith.

Sunday School opened with congregational singing. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. Prayer requests and praise reports were received. Sis. Lorrinda Coulter led us in prayer. Jack read Ephesians 6:13-21 for our devotion. Testimonies were given by Jeff Shipley, Hi Lambeth, Jim Lafferty and Janice Lafferty. Happy Birthday was sung to Lucas Clemans. God bless him.

Praise and Worship began with singing. Singing special music was Melissa Harmon. Pastor Bill Austin brought the morning message from Mark 13:32-37 and I Thess. 5:1-10. No one knows the time of their departure. We must be ready and watching for the Lord. Let’s not get caught up in false doctrine, cares of this life, but watch and pray.

Annual Hayride and dinner at Caney. We will eat after morning service at the church then hayride up to Caney Mountain. All are welcome to come enjoy God’s beauty with us.

Sunday evening service began with singing. Bro. Jeff Shipley welcomed everyone. Sis. Lila Roberts led in prayer. Testimonies were given by Jack Essary and Bill Austin. Bro. Jack Essary spoke Sunday evening from Ephesians 2:1. All have sinned, all are lost until saved by grace. God loves us even when we are out in sin. Nothing we do will save us. It is only through Christ and the gift He gave us by dying on the cross. Ask and believe in the precious gift. Help us pray for our nation and the coming election.

We have a pew for you, come be with us at Caney.

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