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Last weekend sure was bustling at Breedon.  Friday night was singing night and it was a lot of fun as usual.  We brought my niece and nephew, Eden and Luke Little with us.  They said they had a great time.  Luke was really watching all those musicians with their banjos, fiddles, mandolins, and guitars.  We sat right behind them so he got a good look.  He said he definitely wanted to go again next time.  Eden, Luke and my son Sammy sang three specials.  They make a very good trio and I’m real proud of them when they sing together.  After singing late into the night, several folks came right back Saturday morning for the Breedon School Reunion.  And now we have another event planned.  Next Sunday night, October 21, at 5:30 p.m. we will be having a little party for the kids in the community.  The kids are welcome to wear their Halloween costumes.  If the weather permits we will have a hot-dog roast.  We will also have finger foods.  I think Angel may have some games planned for the kids.

In Sunday School we are working our way through Paul’s letter to the church in Rome.  We discussed how our relationship with God is like a marriage.  We also discussed man’s struggle with sin. (Romans 7)

The Bible Trivia Question I asked last time was “What was the name of the woman who gave birth to Samuel and why did she name him Samuel?”  The answer is “Hannah” because she asked the Lord for him (I Samuel 1:20).  This next question was put in by Wilma Hampton and it sure made us laugh, “Who called his wife a heifer and lost her to his companion?”  I’ll give that answer next time.

Breedon School Reunion:

The Breedon School Reunion was on 10-13-12 with 36 attending.  It was decided to open a FaceBook page for everyone to stay in touch.  Recognition of past teachers and cooks were:  Violet Lakey- teacher, Sybil Porter-Gheer- teacher, and Gracie Williams- cook.  Prizes were awarded for the oldest attendee which was Jane Pruett.  A prize was given to the persons that came the farthest which was Johnny and Pauline Pruiett from Moline, Illinois.  The grand prize drawing of a complete set of non-stick cookware was won by Alex & Sarah Ellis.  We give a big thanks to Bucker and Stephanie Nelson & Carolyn Swearengin for the auction items and door prizes that were purchased.  We appreciate “Cub” Lafferty for auctioneering as well.  A committee was formed for future reunions as Stephanie Nelson is stepping down due to health reasons.  The threat of rain & rising creeks lessened the attendance but those of us who were there had a real good time.  Remember: the Breedon School Reunion is always on the 2nd Saturday of October.  All of those who attended the Breedon School, or family of those who attended, are welcomed.

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