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Breedon Church

Saturday was a beautiful day for a wedding.  My brother Farron and his fiancé Nacole were married over at the Eastern Gate Church.  It was a truly joyful occasion.  The view from the Eastern Gate Church is one of the most beautiful we’ve got around here.  They were able to get some real nice pictures out in the pasture with the overlook behind them.  It was a good thing we had a frost the night before to kill the ticks and chiggers before they walked thru the weeds to get those pictures HA!

There are two big events coming up at Breedon this week.  Friday, October 12, is the singing night.  It starts at 7 pm.  Bring a covered dish.  Then Saturday, October 13, is the Breedon School Reunion.  They will have Coffee and Donuts starting at 9 am followed by a potluck dinner around lunch time.

Please remember George Welker and his family in your prayers.

Last time the Bible Trivia Question from our Sunday School class was “Who destroyed the bronze serpent made by Moses and why?”  the answer is Hezekiah because it had become an object of worship.  That is found in II Kings 18:4.  We have a lot of fun with these and I hope you enjoy them too.  The next question was submitted by Danny Lee, “What was the name of the woman who gave birth to Samuel and why did she name him Samuel?”  I’ll give the answer next time.

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