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Bethany Baptist Church

Sam and Mandi Abram and their ten-month-old daughter, Jocelyn Grace, were guests at Bethany Baptist Church in all the services, Sunday. They are visiting churches sharing their burden for souls in Hong Kong, China and hoping to raise financial and prayer support for that effort.

Sam grew up in California, served as a Marine in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and when he left the Marines he went to Arkansas to attend Bible College. Sam met Mandi, an Arkansas native, at that Bible College. Mandi earned a teaching degree while at that college.

Sam and Mandi made a survey trip to China before starting on deputation. They have seen how differently people live. They’ve seen the meats hanging in the open markets, double decked buses, tall apartment buildings with clothing hanging out balconies to dry, and temples to Buddha. The cultural difference is considerable, but the important thing is that many-many people have not heard a true gospel presentation in all their lives.

Sam brought a message from Hebrews 11 the “faith” chapter. Without faith it is not possible to please God. But many Old Testament saints proved their faith. Noah was told to build an ark and he did it. God told Abraham to leave his homeland, his relatives, and his father’s household, and he did it. Abraham left without knowing where God would take him. He simply trusted that God would provide for him and God did. If you want to please God, listen to what he says and do it. Faith is not a hard thing. It is simply believing and doing what God has said. Faith is thinking, “God said it, I believe it,” and the proof of our faith is in our actions.

The folks at Bethany Baptist Church will be having their annual hayride at the Corder Farm, Friday, October 19. They will leave at about 5:00 p.m. Each family brings side dishes and dessert items that go well with hot dogs and chili. The ride starts early enough so that folks can see the beautiful fall colors on the surrounding hills. It generally gets pretty cold before the evening is over so people dress warmly and sit around the fire. If you look around you will see hot cocoa steaming in cups, marshmallows being roasted, and sometimes S’mores being put together.

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