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Bethany Baptist Church

The Bethany Baptist Church people signed a card of appreciation and gave Pastor Bob Sorensen a love offering Sunday morning. October is Pastor Appreciation Month which gave the church an opportunity to express its gratitude to Pastor Bob who works hard all year.

Pastor Bob generally writes and delivers three or more messages in a week along with Sunday school lessons, and a Wednesday evening Bible Study. He makes several visits in the community and meets with the men for prayer each week. He writes daily devotions for each month, that he calls “Strength For The Day, Wisdom For The Way.” He has written several booklets and lesson series and has had some of them published. Some of his lessons and Bible Studies have been translated and used by missionaries in Mongolia.

Pastor Bob served in the US Army for about sixteen years before being called into the ministry. That took him to many locations in the United States, Germany, and Far East. He served for a time as a Drill Sergeant at Fort Leonard Wood. His experience in the military has given him habits of orderliness and self discipline that has worked well to equip him for the ministry.

Psalm 76 starts out, “In Judah is God known: his name is great in Israel.” It would be good if we could honestly say, “In America is God known, his name is great in America.” Christians might wear a button or a pin that honors God, but Christians are more likely to be “labeled” by their conduct and speech. Christians will be labeled by the company they keep, the amusements they allow, the clothing they wear, their consistency of service, and their concern for the souls of others. Has God been made known in our community by our actions and words? Is Christ revealed as the hope of glory through our behavior?

Sam and Mandi Abram and their ten month old daughter, Jocelyn Grace, will be the guests at Bethany Baptist Church, Sunday, October 14. There will be lunch in the fellowship hall at noon, an afternoon service at 1:00, and no evening service. Sam and Mandi will present their burden for souls in China.

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