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Bethany Baptist Church

Bethany Baptist Church finished up the 2012 Mission Conference Sunday afternoon. The week had been full of activities. Wednesday and Thursday evenings the Nelson Family Singers presented some really good variations on Country/Blue Grass style gospel music. Joe Gammon spoke each evening.

Saturday morning the men had a Men’s Prayer Breakfast with Joe Gammon speaking. The Ladies had a luncheon at noon with Ione speaking. Sunday there was “dinner on the grounds” followed by a service at 1 p.m. with a Power Point presentation of the Lighthouse Baptist Ministries.

The Lighthouse Baptist Ministries which is based in Madison, Alabama, serves missionaries who are on deputation trying to get the support of churches so they can go on the mission field or who are on furlough after serving several years on a foreign field. The Ministry offers assistance in crating and shipping of missionaries belongings and supplies to the field. It is important that shipping crates be packed well so that belongings survive the trip.

The Ministry furnishes short term housing for missionaries as they travel on deputation in that area. They also provide long-term housing for missionaries who are “home on furlough. ” They have duplexes and a house on their property and are planning to build more as the money comes in to do so.

The Ministry also provides emergency automobile repairs to missionaries who may need help as they may drive thousands of miles every month while on deputation or furlough. They may furnish a car or van to missionaries who have flown home from a mission field.

Joe and Ione Gammon travel for the Lighthouse Baptist Ministries asking that churches collect small change, and donate that to the Ministry. Bethany Baptist Church has agreed to be “Keepers of the Lighthouse.”

Joe Gammon used Philippians 4:1-19 as the text for a message on giving. Paul was exhorting the individuals of the church to work together as a team, rejoicing in the Lord always, not worrying about anything and praying about everything. Paul gave his testimony about how he had learned to be content in all his circumstances, but how good it was that the Philippians had more than once sent gifts to supply Paul’s needs. Paul assured them that fruit would abound to their account and that God would supply all their need. Paul had observed and experienced that when you give to God, God will give back to you.

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