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I’ve been staying in due to the colder weather. I didn’t go to church Sunday.

My hummingbirds and squirrels have gone and I’m still feeding the pigeons for entertainment while sitting in my chair and keeping warm.

Bob and Linda went to Springfield Friday. They met granddaughter, Brooke, and enjoyed a visit.

Preston and Lisa Breshears and Jennifer and Bryan went to Alabama on the weekend to watch the Nascar races on Sunday. They were in Springfield on Saturday for Jennifer’s Ava Pride Band Competition. Ava Pride Band received 2nd place in their division.

Barbara and Miracle Breshears visited and had lunch with Delmar and Margaret Rosseau on Sunday.

Jack and Barbara Breshears and Ron and Nancy Breshears visited with Bill and Lena Brazeal and Haden in Mansfield and Don and Jeannie Brockman from Kansas City on Saturday afternoon.

Until next time, may God bless and keep you all.

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