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Our menu for this week includes:  Monday, October 8—Cheeseburger and fixings, savory potatoes, cake.  Tuesday, October 9—Chicken and dumplings, peas and carrots, coconut pudding.  Wednesday, October 10—Chicken fried steak, potatoes and gravy, hominy, roll, jell-o.  Thursday, October 11—Polish sausage, sauerkraut, potatoes, peas, bread, cookie.  Friday, October 12—Taco salad, corn, mandarin orange salad.

Can’t decide what to pick from the menu when you go out?  Olive Garden’s Tour of Italy comes with 1,450 calories, 33 grams of saturated fat, and 3,830 milligrams of sodium.  Add one breadstick (and who can quit with one?) and a salad and you will have over 2,000 calories and almost 8,000 milligrams of sodium.

One tablespoon of Parkay margarine in the stick has 2 ½ grams of trans fat.  And beware of others like Blue Bonnet, Land O Lakes, Country Crock and Fleishmann’s.  They suggest you go for the tubs instead because most have little or no trans fat.

An average cup of Campbell’s regular condensed soup has 760 mg of sodium, but most people eat the whole can that contains 1,900 mg of sodium.  Instead look for Campbell’s Healthy Request, Progresso Reduced Sodium and Healthy Choice soups, which still have sodium in the 400’s.

Congratulations to Jerry Shepherd and Max Decker, who tied for first place with a score of 218 in our pitch tournament on Tuesday, October 2.  Coming in second place was Annabelle Walker with 204 and third was Willene Adams with a score of 202.  We had four tables and played five games.

Our activities for the week include:  Monday—OATS bus to Ava.  Tuesday—Line dancing at 1:30, OATS bus to adjoining county.  Wednesday—OATS bus to Ava, pinochle tournament.  Thursday—Driver’s exam in the basement.  Motorcycle tests are given from 10-11.  Friday—OATS bus to Ava.

Until next week, have a good one!

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