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We just had to show our love of Pastor Oren Alcorn as we helped him celebrate his BIG birthday!  (I wouldn’t want to embarrass him by saying he’s 60 years old now!) Black balloons were in abundance and a bright red walker adorned with his favorite running shoes attached to the wheels decorated the sanctuary. And I noticed a lot of parishioners were wearing black to help celebrate.  Jody Porter presented these “gifts” along with Gina Woods and I’m sure Noel Dye was involved as well. Probably many other troublemakers too numerous to mention were involved.   What a great sport Oren turned out to be.  We really do love you, Oren and we wish you many, many more birthdays ahead.

Living in the world today means enduring some harsh realities, but if you are a Christian in today’s world it means you have the hope of Jesus Christ.  Through Him, we can get through because we know some day He will come back, free us of Sin and cleanse us to live with Him in Heaven.  What a bright spot in our otherwise normal day to day existence.  As Bro. Oren read from Titus 2:11-15 Sunday, he reminded us all how awesome God’s love is for us.   We need to encourage and help others to keep up the faith and spread God’s love to all.  Someone I know recently told me she prays daily for the Lord to help her love others as He loves her.  How unselfish is that?  It makes you think about your walk with Christ and how we need to reach out to others.

Speaking of reaching out, we celebrate our friends on Sunday November 4th.  Invite your friend to be your special guest on that day.   Our goal is to invite people every week to church and we certainly don’t want to embarrass anyone, but on this day we can say that God loves you and we are excited to share His Word with you.

Yes, we are starting to practice our Christmas musical celebration, so please join us every Sunday night at 5 p.m.  Show your love of God through singing praises of His birth and through fellowship with each other.  We would love to have you.

Sunday night we had a young lady who decided to make her commitment to God public and she professed her faith in Jesus as Bro. Oren baptized her in front of her family and her church family.  Please keep this young lady in your prayers for her faith and commitment to stay strong in the coming days.

We have a lot of people who have asked us for prayer.  Our prayer list stays close to our hearts as we lift each one up to God.  He knows every need but we as Christians need to intercede daily for those needs.  Remember the family of Virginia Burnett.  We know Virginia is celebrating with Jesus now but we pray comfort for the ones she had to leave behind.  Continue your prayers for Dick Walker, LaVern Ashby, JG Heinlein, and Louann Curry and for Max Decker who just had surgery.    We want to praise God for the new life born to Cody and Bethany Murrill.  We pray for good health and a blessed life for that new baby boy.  Congratulations to all.

We will have a special Gideon speaker during both services next Sunday morning so we’d love for you to be our guests.  There will be a fellowship after the Sunday evening service and yes, that means we eat!  Everyone is welcome.

Be kind to someone you meet this week as you never know if they are an angel in disguise.  Show God’s love for us, by extending it to others around us.  See you Sunday and God Bless.

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