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All Around Bradleyville

I don’t have any excuse for all the mistakes I have been making, only an explanation. I try to write the news at the last minute before the deadline and then I am in a hurry trying to get everything in, seems like I’m not a good multi-tasker.

My birthday and anniversary lists are old and I am revising them. Some of the names on the lists are familiar, but I don’t really know the people the dates are associated with, so if you would like your name to remain on either list and you are not sure I personally know you, please give me a call at 796-2651 or e-mail me at I’m not really sure if I will even continue with the birthdays and anniversaries, but time will tell.

Birthdays for the coming week include: October 24: Mike Hunsaker; October 25: Tim Stafford; October 26: Susie Sims, Megan Taylor; October 27: Justin Adams, Kenton Wiggins; October 28: Bubba Taylor; October 29: Bo Bonner; October 30: Margaret Dalton, Dee Hodges, Walter Rogers, Sandy Ross.

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