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All Around Bradleyville

I still have a hummingbird once in a while, I guess just passing through on their way south. I spied one on Friday evening and again on Sunday morning. I still have one feeder hanging outside with a tiny amount of sugar water in it and I have plenty of hummingbird friendly flowers left blooming so I know the stray ones traveling through can find something to eat at my house. I love watching the little hummers and will miss them until spring, but it is a nice break to quit buying so much sugar.

Jason and Hayden Crouch spent the weekend with a bunch of friends at Caney Mountain, muzzleloader hunting. Some of the others that hunted or just camped were Kent Day, Sam Day, Tony Todd, Kevin Compton, Tim Stafford, Gary and Barbara Casey, Warren Walls, Larry Blair, David Rogers, Eric Guerin, Dustin Johnson, Duane Rogers and Dean Rogers.  Hayden got a nice three point buck and Jason got a doe. Several more got a deer but I’m not sure who or what so I’ll leave it at that.

Jason and Hayden made it home in time on Sunday afternoon to join the rest of the family at our house for a birthday dinner for Bob. We had a good time eating and visiting with each other. My oven is broke again, seems it stays that way, so I have to use my little toaster oven when I want to bake something. That was no problem, we had cherry chip cupcakes with cherry icing which is a favorite of Bob’s and Alicia, and chocolate cupcakes with fudge frosting for the chocolate lovers in the family. I also found a couple of small pie pans my step-mom Donna Sloan had given me to use in my toaster oven, so I made two small apple custard crunch pies, another one of Bob’s favorites. I’m not sure that is the right name for them, but that is the name I gave them. Bob’s great-aunt, Flora Chapman used to make them for him and they are really good. Especially when you put a big spoonful of vanilla ice cream on top.

Sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Bob Smith who passed away last week. Bob was married to Gina (Herd) Smith who grew up in Bradleyville, and they have lived in Goodhope for the last several years. I remember being at many softball games where Bob was an enthusiastic player. He loved to play softball and was fun to be around. Bob was a faithful Sunday School teacher at Bradleyville General Baptist where he also played the drums. We went to the visitation and it was very well attended with many family and friends paying their respects to a wonderful man who will be sorely missed.

It will be fun to go to the Alumni games on November 8th   and watch some of the alumni play ball against each other. Bob and Kyle and Jessi all plan to play, although Kyle and Jessi will be in the younger group and Bob in the older group. I got some looks from the grandsons when I told them that I was going to play also. I think they were relieved when I told them I was just joking.

We also plan to go to the FFA chili supper and auction at the school on November 8. They always have something for everyone.

Congratulations to the Bradleyville Jr. High girls who won second place in the Thornfield tournament in a well-played game against the Thornfield team, who won first place. Both Jr. High teams will play Lutie at Bradleyville on Thursday, October 18, and then the boys will play in the Lutie Boys tournament October 22-26.

Volleyball is heading into districts this week and then the season will be over for this year.

Birthdays for the coming week include: October 18: Kelli Clemans, Linda Derr, Jake Silvey, Tony Todd, Ashley Wilkey; October 20: Dennis Case, Darrin Hurst, Emily Ridings; October 21: Kathy Dorsey; October 22: Myka Hurst, Tom Schultz; October 23: Vicki Blair, Justin Bonner; October 24: Mike Hunsaker.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: October 20: Kirk and Tammy Pollard.

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