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All Around Bradleyville

The jackets and sweaters and even Bob’s insulated coveralls came out over the weekend with the cooler temperatures. I am never ready to bundle up against the cold, but it was either put on a sweater or shiver, so I gave in to fall.

I brought some of my flowers into the house Sunday evening, afraid they were going to get frozen, but it didn’t get that cold here and we didn’t even get any frost. I am glad, I like to keep my flowers as long as possible and with the dry hot summer they just started looking good around the last of August.

Our condolences to the family of Wayne Grigg who passed away last Thursday after a ten year battle with cancer. Wayne was a very pleasant man and very highly thought of in our community and will be missed very much by all his family and friends.

Volleyball season will end the regular schedule with the last two regular games at home. The next game will be at Bradleyville with Everton on Thursday, October 11 and also at home with Chadwick on Tuesday, October 16.

Junior High Basketball is girls basketball in the Thornfield tournament all this week, and a girls only game at Mark Twain on Monday, October 15.

Birthdays for the coming week include: October 11: Louise Stevens, Don Johnson, Thurman Whittaker; October 12: Keith Cook, Brenton Whittaker; October 13: Shea Dobbins; October 14: Lucas Clemans; October 15: Bob Case, Lisa Potter, Joe Rogers, Jennifer Curtis; October 16: Brynne Mitchell; October 17: Kathy Brumfield, Shelby Bryne, Cassie Matthews.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: October 12: Joe and Kim Norwine; October 14: Jerry and Nardena Brown, Thurman and Kay Whittaker.

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